Child Psychology Archive

Karen Brakke, Spelman College – Development of Coordinated Skill in Toddlers

On Spelman College Week:  No parent likes a toddler with a drum set. Karen Brakke, full

Felipa Chavez, Florida Institute of Technology – Anxiety in Children

The rise of social media can leave kids anxious. Felipa Chavez, assistant professor of psychology at

Rong Fu, Siena College – Childhood Trauma and Late-Life Cognitive Functioning

The early death of a parent can have long-lasting effects on a person. Rong Fu, assistant

Richard Allen, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – Training Foster Parents in Positive Behavior Support

On Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Week: Foster parents are always needed. Richard Allen, assistant professor

Scott Allison, University of Richmond – Mothers as Heroes

Need to find a hero?  Looks to moms. Scott Allison, professor of psychology at the University

Celia Williamson, University of Toledo – Social Media and Sex Trafficking

On University of Toledo Week: How do you keep teens safe against predators online? Celia Williamson,

Yolanda Leyva, University of Texas at El Paso – Uncaged Art Provides a Voice to Detained Migrant Children

On University of Texas at El Paso Week: We’ve seen the effects of family separation at

Sarah Mountz, University at Albany – Challenges of Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth in Foster Care

Foster care can be tough. Especially for transgender and gender expansive youth. Sarah Mountz, assistant professor

Larisa Heiphetz, Columbia University – How Children and Adults Think About Religion

Do children and adults think of religion in the same way? Larisa Heiphetz, assistant professor of

Stephanie Jones, Harvard University – Early Childhood Care

Early childhood care is vital. Stephanie Jones, professor in early childhood development at Harvard University, looks