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Heather Reid, Morningside College – Commercialism of the Olympics

Is commercialism affecting the spirit of the Olympics Games? Heather Reid, professor and scholar of the

Robert Rosenberger, Georgia Tech University – Phantom Vibration Syndrome

How many phantom texts have you gotten today? Robert Rosenberger, assistant professor of philosophy at Georgia

John Turri, University of Waterloo – Moral Obligations

What we think of as common sense morality may need some updating. John Turri, associate professor

Jason D’Cruz, University at Albany – Self Deception

Can you deceive yourself? Jason D’Cruz, assistant professor in the philosophy department at the University at

Valerio Scarani, National University of Singapore – Quantum Randomness

Quantum physics deals with some fascinatingly abstract concepts. Valerio Scarani, Professor in the Department of Physics and

Martin Krieger, USC – Creativity, Innovation, and Entreprenuers

Who fosters the best entrepreneurs? Martin Krieger, professor of planning at the University of Southern California,

Susan Schneider, UCONN – Artificial Alien Life

We all have a mental image of what we assume aliens will look like. Susan Schneider,

Paul Gaffney, St. John’s University – The Meaning of Competition

Competition is a huge driver of human action. Paul Gaffney, chair of the philosophy department at

Terry Godlove, Hofstra University – Kant’s Religious Philosophy

Immanuel Kant endures as one of the brightest philosophical minds the world has ever seen. Dr.

William O. Stephens, Creighton University – Stoic Philosophy & Death

The fear of death is one of the most gripping and palpable sensation humans feel. Stoic