The Academic Minute for 2017.9.25-9.29

Academic Minute from 9.25 – 9.29

Monday, September 25th
Simon Haeder – West Virginia University
Lessons From the Past on Healthcare
Simon F. Haeder is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science in the John D. Rockefeller IV School of Policy & Politics at West Virginia University. His teaching and research interests include the public policymaking process, regulatory politics, lobbying and interest group politics, and healthcare policy. His most recent work has been published in the American Political Science Review, the Journal of Policy History, Health Affairs, the Journal of the American Medical Association, and the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law.

Tuesday, September 26th
Abraham Rutchick – California State University
Killing From Afar
Abe Rutchick is an Associate Professor of Psychology at California State University, Northridge. He received his BS (1999) from Tufts University and his MS (2003) and PhD (2005) from the University of California, Santa Barbara. When he’s not working, Abe is usually spending time with his wife and 2-year-old son, concocting fancy cocktails, playing poker, or watching Boston sports teams win championships.

Wednesday, September 27th
Fred Chen – Wake Forest University
Synthetic Rhino Horns
Wake Forest economist Fred Chen takes an interdisciplinary approach to a variety of subjects in his research, applying foundational economic concepts to study topics like animal conservation, epidemiology or biology. Much of his research focuses on examining how human behavior, but his interest in conservation led him to analyze how the creation of synthetic rhino horns can impact rhino poaching.

Thursday, September 28th
Robert Garland – Colgate University
Refugees Past and Present
Dr. Robert S.J. Garland is the Roy D. and Margaret B. Wooster Professor of the Classics at Colgate University. He earned his B.A. in Classics from Manchester University, his M.A. in Classics from McMaster University, and his Ph.D. in Ancient History from University College London. A former Fulbright Scholar and recipient of the George Grote Ancient History Prize, Professor Garland has educated students and audiences at a variety of levels. In addition to teaching classics at Colgate University, he has taught English and Drama to secondary school students and lectured at universities throughout Britain as well as the British School of Archaeology in Athens. Professor Garland is the author of numerous articles in both academic and popular journals and books capturing details of all aspects of ancient Greek and Roman life, including The Greek Way of Life: From Conception to Old Age; Introducing New Gods: The Politics of Athenian Religion; and Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks. His expertise has been featured in The History Channel’s Last Stand of the 300, and he has repeatedly served as a consultant for educational film companies.

Friday, September 29th
Peter Neal Peregrine – Lawrence University
Disaster Preparedness
Peter Neal Peregrine is an archaeologist who specializes in comparative research using archaeological data.  His research focuses on the evolution of social complexity and social resilience to disasters.  He is the author of more than 100 articles and 19 books, including the widely used textbooks Anthropology and Archaeological Research: A Brief Introduction.