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Douglas Dowland, Ohio Northern University – Language and Nationalism

The words we use when we talk about our country can have powerful meanings. Douglas Dowland,

Nicole Holliday, Pomona College – What Do We Assume Based on the Voices We Hear

The sound of your voice can tell a lot about you. Nicole Holliday, assistant professor of

Aroline Hanson, Arcadia University – Bringing Back Brunca

On Arcadia University Week: Extinct languages can be brought back from the dead. Aroline Hanson, assistant

Jacqueline Bruscella, SUNY Oneonta – Happy Holidays

Do you say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas? Jacqueline Bruscella, assistant professor of communication at SUNY

Emily Bernate, St. Edwards University – Politeness in U.S. Spanish

Emily Bernate, assistant professor of Spanish at St. Edward’s University, looks at softening our requests to sounds

Lewis Davis, Union College – Gendered Language

Can gendered language make a difference in hiring decisions? Lewis Davis, professor of economics at Union

Naja Ferjan Ramirez, University of Washington – Building Bilingual Brains

Learning a second language can be important for the future. Naja Ferjan Ramirez, research scientist at

Ana Ines Ansaldo, University of Montreal – Benefits of Bilingualism

The benefits of bilingualism are more than once thought. Ana Inés Ansaldo, associate professor in the

Robin Queen, University of Michigan – Typos & Personality

Why are some people the grammar police and others not? Robin Queen, Professor of Linguistics at

Kathrin Rothermich, McGill University – Social Communication

There are two levels to any conversation, what is said aloud – and what is not.