Gender Studies Archive

Brian Earp, Yale University – Pain and Gender

On This Student Spotlight: Does our sex determine how our pain is measured? Brian Earp, PhD

Kathryn Anthony, University of Illinois – Potty Parity

One way to see gender discrimination in action is to look at the lines in public

Celene Reynolds, Yale University – Title IX

How is Title IX being used to combat gender inequalities in higher education? Celene Reynolds, PhD

Melissa Deckman, Washington College – The Evolving Role of Women in Politics

On Washington College Week: Women’s political participation is on the rise. Melissa Deckman, professor of political

Russ Crawford, Ohio Northern University – Female Participation in Football Leagues

We’ve always heard that football as a masculine sport. Russ Crawford, professor of history at Ohio

Amy Cook, Stony Brook University – The Art and Science of Casting

There’s an art and a science to casting your favorite movie roles. Amy Cook, Associate Professor

Nicholas Syrett, University of Kansas – Child Marriage

Why is child marriage still allowed in every state in the U.S.? Nicholas Syrett, professor of

Qiang Wu, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Effects of CFO Gender on Financial Reporting Decision Making

Female CFOs can be more risk averse. Qiang Wu, associate professor of financial accounting and corporate

Laura Van Berkel, University of Cologne – Men and Masculinity are Seen as American

Is America seen as a masculine country? Laura Van Berkel, post-doctoral researcher at the University of

Jay Zagorsky, The Ohio State University – Are Blondes Less Intelligent?

Are blondes really less intelligent? Jay Zagorsky, research scientist at The Ohio State University, discusses whether