Food Science Archive

Matthew Will, University of Missouri – Cravings

Which part of your brain is responsible for giving in to cravings? Matthew Will, associate professor

Jeff Brecht, University of Florida – Reducing Food Waste

The amount of food that is wasted in the United States is startling. Jeff Brecht, Research

Vernon Barnes, Augusta University – Mindfulness Eating

Mindfulness might not be just for your mind. Vernon Barnes, assistant professor of pediatrics, nursing and

Gina Mohr, Colorado State University – The Crunch Effect

Next time you open a bag of chips, concentrate on the crunch. Gina Mohr, assistant professor

Erin Hanlon, University of Chicago – Sleep Munchies

Not getting enough sleep carries an increased risk of obesity. Erin Hanlon, Research Associate (in rank of

Doug Archer, University of Florida – Total Sensory Foods

The taste of food might come from more than just your taste buds. Douglas Archer, professor

Michelle Mondoux, Holy Cross – Sugar, Sex and Aging

New research into how we process sugar on a molecular level are offering insights into our

Sarah Johnson, FSU – Blueberry Benefits

Blueberries are delicious, but aside from their palatable flavor, eating them comes with some great health

Wayne Potts, University of Utah – Sugar Toxicity Tests

Variables in previous tests focusing on the toxicity of both fructose and table sugar have proven

Laura Rokosz, Monmouth University – Aeroponic Gardening

Soon, your garden might require no dirt whatsoever. Laura Rokosz, adjunct professor of Nutrition Sciences in