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Lesley Shipley, Randolph College – Contemporary Art Reactions

How do we interact with art? Lesley Shipley, assistant professor of art history at Randolph College,

Yolanda Leyva, University of Texas at El Paso – Uncaged Art Provides a Voice to Detained Migrant Children

On University of Texas at El Paso Week: We’ve seen the effects of family separation at

Timothy Arner, Grinnell College – King Arthur in the Robing Room

On Grinnell College Week:  What does the art on your walls say about you? Timothy Arner,

Steff Rocknak, Hartwick College – The Cult of the New

On Hartwick College Week: Why is one piece of art “better” than another? Steff Rocknak, professor

Syd Carpenter, Swarthmore College – Art and the Black Farmer

On Swarthmore College Week: The work of black farmers can be underrepresented. Syd Carpenter, professor of

Jill Pederson, Arcadia University – Understanding Authorship in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi

On Arcadia University Week: Are some famous paintings the work of multiple hands? Jill Pederson, associate

Amy Whitaker, New York University – Rethinking Artists as Investors

Should artists make more money for their work? Amy Whitaker, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts Administration

Robert Edgell, SUNY Polytechnic Institute – Economic Vitality and the Arts

The arts are the first to take any budgetary hit, but should they? Robert Edgell, associate

Michelle Pautz, University of Dayton – Movies and Government Officials

Are government employees treated differently by the movies than in popular opinion? Michelle Pautz, associate professor

Bryan McCann, Louisiana State University – Gangsta Rap and the War on Crime

Are we returning to the War-On-Crime era of the late 20th century? Bryan McCann, assistant professor