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Robert Edgell, SUNY Polytechnic Institute – Economic Vitality and the Arts

The arts are the first to take any budgetary hit, but should they? Robert Edgell, associate

Michelle Pautz, University of Dayton – Movies and Government Officials

Are government employees treated differently by the movies than in popular opinion? Michelle Pautz, associate professor

Bryan McCann, Louisiana State University – Gangsta Rap and the War on Crime

Are we returning to the War-On-Crime era of the late 20th century? Bryan McCann, assistant professor

Damayanthie Eluwawalage, Albright College – Aviator Fashion

Pilots have a dress code today, but it wasn’t always that way. Damayanthie Eluwawalage, assistant professor

Jurgen Kornmeier, University of Freiburg – Is The Mona Lisa Smiling?

We can all picture the Mona Lisa smile. Jürgen Kornmeier, senior researcher at the University of

Damayanthie Eluwawalage, Albright College – An Alteration on Fashion History

Have we been studying fashion incorrectly? Damayanthie Eluwawalage, assistant professor of fashion design at Albright College,

Kishwar Rizvi, Yale University – Iran and Global Exchange in the Early Modern Period

What if art was seen as a more important part of our culture? Kishwar Rizvi, associate

Aris Karagiorgakis, Black Hills State University – Coloring Books and Art as Therapy

Stressed out?  Try a coloring book. Aris Karagiorgakis, Associate Professor of Psychology at Black Hills State

Jessica Pabon, SUNY New Paltz – Graffiti Grrlz

How do girls stand out in a male dominated art form? Jessica Pabon, Assistant Professor of

Vanessa Brown, Nottingham Trent University – Why Fashion Models Don’t Smile

Why don’t fashion models smile? Vanessa Brown, senior lecturer in the school of art & design