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The Academic Minute for 2019.04.15-04.19

The Academic Minute from 04.15 – 04.19 Monday, April 15th Michelle Amazeen – Boston University Native

Edwin Stafford, Utah State University – Air Pollution Posters

Want to influence parents on an issue?Β  Teach their kids. Edwin Stafford, professor of marketing at

Leonard Jason, DePaul University – Community Psychology

Psychologists are more than therapists. Leonard Jason, professor of clinical psychology at DePaul University, examines the

Annmarie Cano, Wayne State University – Relational Flexibility

Approaching a difficult situation can be harmful if you’re not prepared. Annmarie Cano, professor in the

Joseph Reagle, Northeastern University – Life Hacking

Hacking isn’t only for computers. Joseph Reagle, associate professor of communication studies at Northeastern University, describes

Michelle Amazeen, Boston University – Native Advertising

Watch out for ads when reading your morning news stories. Michelle Amazeen, assistant professor in the

This Week on The Academic Minute (2019.04.15)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2019.04.15 Monday, April 15th Michelle Amazeen of Boston University examines

The Academic Minute for 2019.04.08-04.12

The Academic Minute from 04.08 – 04.12 Monday, April 8th Janet Gibson – Grinnell College Humor

Andrea Tracy, Grinnell College – Too Much of a Good Thing

On Grinnell College Week: Can you have too much of a good thing? Andrea Tracy, associate

Timothy Arner, Grinnell College – King Arthur in the Robing Room

On Grinnell College Week:Β  What does the art on your walls say about you? Timothy Arner,