The Academic Minute for 2018.12.17-12.21


Academic Minute from 12.17 – 12.21

Monday, December 17th
Chris Lassiter – Roanoke College
Dr. Chris Lassiter is an associate professor of biology and Roanoke College’s director of undergraduate research. His research interests lie in the field of developmental biology; his work has focused on the estrogen and androgen signaling pathways and has involved characterizing the estrogen receptors, androgen receptors, and aromatase, the gene that codes for estrogen synthesis from testosterone. He and his students study these receptors and codes in zebrafish.

Tuesday, December 18th
Lindsey Osterman – Roanoke College
Perceptions of Actors after #MeToo
Dr. Lindsey Osterman, assistant professor of psychology, teaches classes ranging from social and evolutionary psychology to quantitative methods as they relate to the field. Her research interests include rejection and acceptance; altruism and prosocial behavior; aggression and violence; suicide and self-destructive behavior; and social and “parasocial” relationships.

Wednesday, December 19th
Steven Hughes – Roanoke College
Improving LED Technology
Dr. Steven Hughes, assistant professor of chemistry, teaches general and physical chemistry. He has a strong research interest in finding new materials systems for LED lighting that exhibit sufficient light shifting properties while also avoiding the use of toxic metals such as cadmium or lead.

Thursday, December 20th
Brooks Crozier – Roanoke College
Tracking Bacteria in Water Sources
Dr. Brooks Crozier, biology professor, teaches microbiology, mycology and phycology. He and his students perform research in the area of microbial source tracking, which includes detection of virulence and host-specific DNA markers; performance criteria for such markers; and their application in target-oriented water resource management.

Friday, December 21st
Darcey Powell – Roanoke College
Prenatal Expectations
Dr. Darcey Powell, assistant professor of psychology, teaches child development and developmental psychology. Her research interests include the perceptions of adaptation after changes in family structure and size, and young adults’ expectations of and beliefs about parenthood and other “adult” roles.