The Academic Minute for 2017.7.24-7.28

Academic Minute from 7.24 – 7.28

Monday, July 24th
Charles P. Hoy-Ellis – University of Utah
Transgender Older Adults and the Military
Charles P. Hoy-Ellis earned his PhD in Social Welfare at the University of Washington, Seattle. He is interested in health and mental health disparities and the social determinants of these disparities among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) older adults. He is a co-investigator with the Aging with Pride: National Health, Aging, Sexuality, and Gender Study.

Tuesday, July 25th
Virginia Ramseyer Winter – University of Missouri
Teen Body Image Perception
Dr. Ramseyer Winter’s primary research agenda, grounded in theory and the strengths perspective, examines body image in relation to women’s physical, mental and sexual health. With her scholarship, she is most interested in improving women’s body image to ultimately lead to improvements in women’s health outcomes. Existing literature suggests that poor body image may be related to riskier sexual behaviors, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and poor physical health outcomes.

In future work, she would like to examine service providers to discover how body image discussions are presented in practice with their clients and what impact this may have on their overall health. Additionally, this work will hopefully highlight any barriers to providing services and interventions around body image to women in practice. Ultimately, Dr. Ramseyer Winter plans to conduct intervention research in collaboration with community agencies that serve marginalized women.

Dr. Ramseyer Winter defended her dissertation, Sexual Objectification, Self-Objectification, Body Appreciation, and Quality of the Sexual Relationship in Relation to Preventative Sexual Health Behaviors in a Sample of Emerging Adult Women, in April 2015. She is currently working to disseminate the findings of this research. Dr. Ramseyer Winter will be teaching Human Behavior in the Social Environment to BSW and MSW students and Community and Organizational Dynamics to BSW students.

Wednesday, July 26th
Kate Sweeny – University of California Riverside
Mindfulness and the Stress of Waiting
Kate Sweeny is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside. She received her BS (2002) from Furman University and her MS (2003) and PhD (2008) from the University of Florida, where she studied social psychology with James Shepperd, PhD. You can read about her research interests and ongoing projects elsewhere on this site. When she’s not at work, Kate is usually hanging out with her husband, rehearsing and performing with her Middle Eastern dance troupe, Sirenesque, practicing yoga, and enjoying nature by hiking or camping.

Thursday, July 27th
Megan Squire – Elon University
Password Security
Dr. Squire joined Elon’s faculty in 2003 after completing her Ph.D. in Computer Science at Nova Southeastern University. She has also worked at several technology startups in Research Triangle Park, NC and in south Florida. At Elon, Dr. Squire teaches courses in database systems, data mining, data science, and cybersecurity. Her research centers around the collection, curation, and federation of large amounts of data about how free, libre, and open source software (FLOSS) projects are developed.

Friday, July 28th
Karen Winterich – Penn State University
Taking A Photo Can Help You De-Clutter and Donate
Professor Karen Page Winterich is a Frank and Mary Smeal Research Fellow and Associate Professor of Marketing at the Pennsylvania State University. Winterich conducts research in the area of consumer behavior, with specific interests in the effects of consumer identities and emotions on consumer judgments and decision-making. Her research focuses on examining the effect of cultural and moral identities on charitable giving and brand evaluations as well as the impact of emotions on consumer decisions and consumption. Her research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Applied Psychology, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, among others. She currently serves on the Editorial Review Board for Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and Customer Needs and Solutions. She teaches marketing courses, including advertising and promotions to undergraduate students as well as a doctoral seminar consumer behavior. She also teaches a course on sustainable behavior among consumers, firms, and society as part of Smeal’s Sustainability course offerings. Prior to joining Penn State University, she was on the faculty at Texas A&M University.