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Amy Whitaker, New York University – Rethinking Artists as Investors

Should artists make more money for their work? Amy Whitaker, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts Administration

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Do you always understand exactly what you’re signing? Jeff Sovern, professor of law at St. John’s

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Entrepreneurs are flashy, but don’t forget about reliable small business owners. Robert Edgell, associate professor of

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On Babson College Week:  What can patent data tell us? Davit Khachatryan, assistant professor of statistics

Jennifer Bailey, Babson College – Managing Resources & Mitigating Risk in Entrepreneurial Firms

On Babson College Week: Starting a new company has many pitfalls. Jennifer Bailey, assistant professor of

Robert Edgell, SUNY Polytechnic Institute – Meaningful Transparency

We like transparency from our business leaders, but what kind are we getting? Robert Edgell, associate

Chester Brearey, Siena College – Future of Data Science Jobs

On Siena College Week: Not enough graduates have data science and analysis skillsets. Chester Brearey, associate

Robert Edgell, SUNY Polytechnic Institute – Economic Vitality and the Arts

The arts are the first to take any budgetary hit, but should they? Robert Edgell, associate

Taryn Morrissey, American University – Child Care Costs in the U.S.

Child care in the U.S. can cost more than college tuition. Taryn Morrissey, associate professor in

Louise Kelly, University of La Verne – Entrepreneurs and Mindfulness

Entrepreneurs should look to mindfulness to help deal with the stressors of their start up. Louise