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Justin Schupp, Wheaton College – Farmers Markets

On Wheaton College Week: Are farmers markets achieving their goals? Justin Schupp, assistant professor of sociology,

Jeff Lowenstein, Grand Valley State University – The Lottery Industry

On Grand Valley State University Week: Have you bought your lottery ticket? Jeff Lowenstein, assistant professor

Michael Lenox, University of Virginia – Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Does your city have entrepreneurship potential? Michael Lenox, Professor of Business at the University of Virginia

Antje Graul, Utah State University – Sharing Economy

Sharing has become an economy. Antje Graul, assistant professor of marketing at Utah State University, delves

Qiang Wu, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Female CFOs are More Risk Averse

On Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Week:  Female CFOs can be more risk averse. Qiang Wu, associate professor

Pamela Treister, New York Institute of Technology – Uncompensated ER Care

On New York Institute of Technology Week: Uninsured E.R. visits are costly for hospitals. Pamela Treister,

Donna McCloskey, Widener University – How to Set Boundaries between Work and Home

Work is always with you in the digital age. Donna McCloskey, associate professor in the School

John Heitmann, University of Dayton – Cars and Government Regulations

Americans have long had a love affair with the automobile. John Heitmann, professor of history at

Ranjit Dighe, SUNY Oswego – Bland Beer

Ready to belly up to the bar for another bland beer? Ranjit Dighe, professor in the

Amy Whitaker, New York University – Rethinking Artists as Investors

Should artists make more money for their work? Amy Whitaker, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts Administration