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Peter Belmi, University of Virginia – Objectification at Work

How does the culture of the workplace affect objectification of employees? Peter Belmi, assistant professor of

Daniel H. Neilson, Bard College at Simon’s Rock – GameStop and the Future of Platform Finance

Did you make some bucks on GameStop? Daniel H. Neilson, assistant professor of economics at Bard

Angelino Viceisza, Spelman College – Using Media to Spur Entrepreneurship

On Spelman College Week: Do the media impact the startup economy? Angelino Viceisza, associate professor in

Marie Rudden, Weill Cornell Medical College – Labor/Management Partnerships

How do we bridge the gap between labor and management? Marie Rudden, clinical assistant professor of

Laurel Steinfield, Bentley University – Multinational Corporations and Women’s Economic Empowerment

On Bentley University Week:  When big corporations try to do some good, some question their motives.

Mateo Cruz, Bentley University – Response to Systemic Stereotype Threat

On Bentley University Week: There are many challenges for women in STEM fields.  Mateo Cruz, Mateo

Fred Ledley, Bentley University – Pharmaceutical Companies Profitability

On Bentley University Week: Drug companies seem to be making a lot of profit, but are

Jose Holguin-Veras, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Package Delivery Emissions

Shopping from home can also be bad for the environment. Jose Holguin-Veras, professor of civil and

Jennifer Zelnick, Touro Graduate School of Social Work – Managerialism

Do for-profit values have a place in non-profit work? Jennifer Zelnick, professor at the Touro Graduate

Dayna DeFeo, University of Alaska Anchorage – Teacher Shortage

Why is there a teacher shortage? Dayna DeFeo, research assistant professor at the University of Alaska