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Chun Zhang, University of Dayton – Beauty Premium in Business

A beautiful employee may not always get the best marks from customers. Chun Zhang, assistant professor

Ben Graham, University of Southern California Dornsife – Migrants Bring Value to Businesses They Own or Manage

Immigrants could be the key to staying ahead of China. Ben Graham, associate professor in the

Wonhyung Lee, University at Albany – Helping the Homeless through Business Improvement Districts

On University at Albany Week: Can businesses work together to help the homeless? Wonhyung Lee, assistant

Michelle Dunlap, Connecticut College – Minority Experiences in Consumer Marketplaces

On Connecticut College Week:  Shopping isn’t always a fun activity for everyone. Michelle Dunlap, professor of

Colleen Kirk, New York Institute of Technology – Shopper Psychological Ownership and Territoriality

How can companies avoid offending shoppers who are psychologically invested in their products? Colleen Kirk, assistant

Bharath Ramkumar, SUNY Oneonta – Fast Fashion

Food isn’t the only product treatable as disposable in our society. Bharath Ramkumar, professor of human

Kenn Tacchino, Widener University – Rethinking The 4% Retirement Rule

On Widener University Week: The 4% rule of retirement withdrawal might need a re-write. Kenn Tacchino,

Megan Gerhardt, Miami University – Managing Generation Differences in the Workplace

Diversity in an organization doesn’t just mean race or gender. Megan Gerhardt, professor of management and

Neil Reid, University of Toledo – Craft Breweries Increase Residential Property Values

On University of Toledo Week: The rise of craft breweries may float all boats. Neil Reid,

Justin Schupp, Wheaton College – Farmers Markets

On Wheaton College Week: Are farmers markets achieving their goals? Justin Schupp, assistant professor of sociology,