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Radoslaw Nowak, New York Institute of Technology – Employee Empowerment and Corporate Change

The larger a company gets, the more problems arise. Radoslaw Nowak, assistant professor of HR management

Qiang Wu, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Effects of CFO Gender on Financial Reporting Decision Making

Female CFOs can be more risk averse. Qiang Wu, associate professor of financial accounting and corporate

Jennifer Mueller, University of San Diego – Leadership Resisting Creativity

Leaders say they welcome innovation and new ideas, but do they in practice? Jennifer Mueller, associate

Dawn Keig, Whitworth University – Hidden Corruption

There are multiple forms of corruption to keep an eye on. Dawn Keig, associate professor of

Stacie Bosley, Hamline University – Pyramid Schemes

Everyone has been pitched on a pyramid scheme. Stacie Bosley, assistant professor of economics at Hamline

David Zonderman, North Carolina State University – Labor Unions

We hear a lot of negative news about labor unions. David Zonderman, professor of history at

Kacey Beddoes, University of Massachusetts Lowell – Wage Gap

Do women negotiate for higher salaries at the same rate as men? Kacey Beddoes, assistant professor

Kimberly Merriman, University of Massachusetts Lowell – Gig Work

Temporary workers are playing a bigger part in our economy. Kimberly Merriman, associate professor in the

Kevin LaGrandeur, New York Institute of Technology – A.I. Taking Jobs

The robots are coming for our jobs. Kevin LaGrandeur, professor in the department of English at

Sarah Moore, University of Puget Sound – Millennial Workers

Our assumptions about younger workers may need some updating. Sarah Moore, professor and chair of the