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Sumantra Sarkar, Binghamton University – Employees and Internet Security Policies

Digital security will only get more important in the future. Sumantra Sarkar, associate professor of management

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Virtual reality can be a tough sell for businesses outside the tech bubble. Sebastian Hohenberg, full

Joseph Comprix, Syracuse University – Are Male Analysts More Verbally Aggressive Than Female Analysts in Earnings Conference Calls

We all communicate differently, but how does this effect our work? Joseph Comprix, professor of accounting

Deena Burris, University of North Carolina Asheville – Funding Global COVID-19 Vaccines Through Bond Issuances

It’s easy to get a COVID vaccine in the U.S., but how about elsewhere? Deena Burris,

Daniel Laufer, Victoria University – Should CEOs of Multinationals Be Spokespersons During a Global Crisis

Who should speak for a global company during troubled times? Daniel Laufer, associate professor of marketing

Theresa Floyd, University of Montana – Retaining Employees By Fostering Social Connections

On University of Montana Week:Β  Retaining employees is now a pivotal part of any business. Theresa

Frederick Becker, York College of Pennsylvania – Attracting Employees to the Restaurant Business after COVID

How do restaurants attract employees after the Great Resignation? Frederick Becker, associate professor in the hospitality

John Logan, San Francisco State University – Why Are Unions Suddenly Such a Hot Topic and Does It Matter?

Union membership has dropped in the U.S., but the pandemic is giving unions new life. John

Kevin Ketels, Wayne State University – Four Reasons Americans Are Still Seeing Empty Shelves

Why are consumers still finding empty shelves? Kevin Ketels, assistant professor of teaching in global supply

Arran Caza, University of North Carolina Greensboro – The Best Way to Educate Future Business Leaders

How do we best educate future business leaders? Arran Caza, associate professor of management at the