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Kevin Ketels, Wayne State University – Four Reasons Americans Are Still Seeing Empty Shelves

Why are consumers still finding empty shelves? Kevin Ketels, assistant professor of teaching in global supply

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Hybrid workplaces could be the way of the future. Alanah Mitchell, associate professor of information management

Blake Alexander Simmons, Boston University – Social and Environmental Risks of China’s Overseas Development

China is developing rapidly, even outside its borders. Blake Alexander Simmons, postdoctoral research fellow at Boston

Shamma Alam, Dickinson College – Job Losses and Physical Activity of Young Adults in a Recession

How might job loss affect physical wellness? Shamma Alam, associate professor of international studies at Dickinson

Kate Padgett-Walsh, Iowa State University – The Ethics of Debt

How much debt are you carrying? Kate Padgett-Walsh, associate professor of philosophy at Iowa State University,

Yamuna Baburaj, Widener University – How Companies Can Best Utilize Star Employees

On Widener University Week: Star employees are a boon to a company, but only if they

Michele Thornton, SUNY Oswego – Employment and Health

On SUNY Oswego Week:  Your employment has a lot to do with your health in the

Peter Belmi, University of Virginia – Objectification at Work

How does the culture of the workplace affect objectification of employees? Peter Belmi, assistant professor of

Daniel H. Neilson, Bard College at Simon’s Rock – GameStop and the Future of Platform Finance

Did you make some bucks on GameStop? Daniel H. Neilson, assistant professor of economics at Bard