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Shahrzad Goudarzi, New York University – Economic Inequality

On this Student Spotlight during New York University Week: Do Americans care about economic inequality? Shahrzad

Sean Flynn, Scripps College – Reducing Healthcare Costs

On Scripps College Week: How do we cut the cost of health care in the U.S.?

Nicholas Kacher, Scripps College – Rising Home Prices

On Scripps College Week:  Is there a catch to rising home prices? Nicholas Kacher, assistant professor

Rob K. Larson, Luther College – Student Debt and Cost of Attendance as a Predictor of College Enrollment

Is student loan debt taking a toll on college admissions? Rob K. Larson, associate professor of

Laurie Grobman, Penn State University – Humanities

The humanities and soft skills might be more important than ever. Laurie Grobman, professor of English

Doug Bosse, University of Richmond – Shareholders and Stakeholders

Businesses that shift focus from transactions to relationships with stakeholders could be better off. Doug Bosse,

Debby Thomas, George Fox University – The Classroom as an Organization

On George Fox University Week: Should the students run the classroom? Debby Thomas, assistant professor of

Chun Zhang, University of Dayton – Beauty Premium in Business

A beautiful employee may not always get the best marks from customers. Chun Zhang, assistant professor

Ben Graham, University of Southern California Dornsife – Migrants Bring Value to Businesses They Own or Manage

Immigrants could be the key to staying ahead of China. Ben Graham, associate professor in the

Wonhyung Lee, University at Albany – Helping the Homeless through Business Improvement Districts

On University at Albany Week: Can businesses work together to help the homeless? Wonhyung Lee, assistant