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Not everyone is online in our connected world. Michelle Watts, faculty director and assistant professor in

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On this Student Spotlight: How do we support minority groups who want a career in STEM?

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The president isn’t the only powerful figure to break the Twitter barrier. Stephen Okey, assistant professor

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The misuse of our smartphone data is becoming better known by the day. Brian Krupp, professor

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On New York Institute of Technology Week:  To understand the use of social media by students,

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On New York Institute of Technology Week: Increased security for smartphones is hard to come by

Shannon Pruden, Florida International University – Gender Gap in STEM

Watch what you say to your little ones. Shannon Pruden, professor of psychology at Florida International

Scott Shackelford, Indiana University – Guarding Against the Possible Security Vulnerabilities in our Devices

How do we protect supply chains with many hands in the pie? Scott Shackelford, assistant professor