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Sue Wenze, Lafayette College – Addressing Mental Health Issues with Technology

Can technology help us with our mental health? Sue Wenze, assistant professor of psychology at Lafayette

Jenna Gallegos, Colorado State University – Cyberbiosecurity

Can someone hack DNA? Jenna Gallegos, post-doctoral researcher in chemical and biological engineering at Colorado State

Brian Johns, Cornell College – Virtual Reality Practice for Doctors

Video games might improve your next surgical procedure. Brian Johns, assistant professor of engineering at Cornell

Sebastian Deffner, University of Maryland Baltimore County – Quantum Supremacy

  A new, more secure computer is on the way to protect our most sensitive data.

Robin Pickering, Whitworth University – Social Media and Exercise Motivation

Does viewing social media make you hit the gym? Robin Pickering, associate professor of health sciences

Reza Akhavian, California State University East Bay – Technology and Construction Accidents

Can technology help cut down on construction accidents? Reza Akhavian, assistant professor in the school of

Barry Fagin, United States Air Force Academy – Internet Security

Our current computer programming languages leave a lot to be desired security-wise. Barry Fagin, professor of

John Misak, New York Institute of Technology – Storytelling in Video Games

The complexity and immersion of good stories can be found in many mediums. John Misak, assistant

Kevin LaGrandeur, New York Institute of Technology – A.I. Taking Jobs

The robots are coming for our jobs. Kevin LaGrandeur, professor in the department of English at

Megan Squire, Elon University – Password Security

Your password might not be as secure as you think. Megan Squire, professor of computing sciences