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James McGrath, Butler University – Artificial Wisdom

On Butler University Week: Computer intelligence can take many forms. James McGrath, professor of religion, looks

Lee Farquhar, Butler University – Tolerance on Facebook

On Butler University Week: How diverse is your Facebook feed? Lee Farquhar, associate professor of entertainment

JJ Ruscella, Shenandoah University – Virtual Reality and Job Interviews

Virtual reality isn’t just for gaming. J.J. Ruscella, associate professor of theater at Shenandoah University, logs

Lee Farquhar, Butler University – Happiness, Life Satisfaction, and Comparing Oneself to Others on Facebook

Social media matters in our happiness, whether we like it or not. Lee Farquhar, associate professor

Parisa Saboori, Manhattan College – Traumatic Brain Injuries

There is much to learn about traumatic brain injuries. Parisa Saboori, associate professor of mechanical engineering

Celia Williamson, University of Toledo – Social Media and Sex Trafficking

On University of Toledo Week: How do you keep teens safe against predators online? Celia Williamson,

Jennifer Kinder, Notre Dame de Namur University – Telerehabilitation

What’s the best way to see a doctor if you can’t leave your house? Jennifer Kinder,

Christopher LeCluyse, Westminster College – Academic Writing as Fantasy Role Playing Game

On Westminster College Week: Gaming could help in your college writing course. Christopher LeCluyse, professor of

Julia Kamenetzky, Westminster College – Light Pollution

On Westminster College Week: Light pollution can have a lot of negative effects. Julia Kamenetzky, assistant

Stephen Coulthart, University of Texas at El Paso – The Perils of Border Security Technology Megaprojects

On University of Texas at El Paso Week:  Borders are becoming increasingly armored as time goes