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Gina Baleria, Sonoma State University – Digital Literacy

Digital literacy skills suddenly have become very important to learning. Gina Baleria, assistant professor in the

Jack Labriola, Kennesaw State University – Taking Control of Autonomous Vehicles

On Kennesaw State University Week:  Driverless cars are already on our roads, whether we realize it

Robert Seamans, New York University – The Impact of A.I. on the Human Workforce

On New York University Week:  Will future artificial intelligence help or harm the human workforce? Robert

Jena McCollum, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – 3D Printing From Concrete to Rockets

On University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Week: 3D printing still faces many hurdles. Jena McCollum, assistant

Elizabeth Daniels, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – Do Media and Body Image Create an Early Exit for Middle School Girls?

On University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Week:  Does body image create an early exit for middle

Janyl Jumadinova, Allegheny College – A Submersible Robot that Tests Water Quality

On Allegheny College Week:  Water testing is an important resource. Janyl Jumadinova, assistant professor in the

Thomas Mackey, SUNY Empire – Metaliterate Learners

How do you help yourself avoid misinformation online? Thomas Mackey, professor in the department of arts

Kelly Whitmer, University of the South – Youth and Early Modern Innovation Culture

On University of the South Week: We can look to the young to help with innovation.

Tyler Carrington, Cornell College – Historical Personal Ads and Modern Dating

On Cornell College Week: The history of love is understudied. Tyler Carrington, assistant professor of German

Marcella del Signore, New York Institute of Technology – Collaboration and Digital Spaces

On New York Institute of Technology Week:  Our interactions with spaces have expanded beyond the physical.