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Lauren Beitelspacher, Babson College – Changing the Value Proposition through Stories

On Babson College Week: Do you think of a product’s end of life when buying it?

Krista Tuomi, American University – Crowdfunding

On American University Week: Need money for a project? Ask the crowd. Krista Tuomi, assistant professor

Mark Bartholomew, University at Buffalo – Free Speech and Advertising

Advertisements are more pervasive than ever. Mark Bartholomew, professor of law at the University at Buffalo

Andrew Ching, University of Toronto – Publicity and Paid Advertisements

Does publicity add to or subtract from paid promotional materials? Andrew Ching, associate professor of marketing

Lu Zheng, University of Florida – Narrative Advertising

Ads that use storytelling can be the most persuasive in getting you to pony up your

Hemant Sashittal, St. John Fisher College – Reaching College Students Through Snapchat

Knowing how to use the latest social media platform can be a boon for your brand.

Dylan Minor, Harvard Business School – Toxic Workers

Having a toxic worker on your staff can cause big problems. Dylan Minor, Visiting Assistant Professor

Jon Morris, University of Florida – Donald Trump’s Appeal

Like him or not, Donald Trump is appealing to many Republican voters. Jon Morris, professor in

Gokcen Coskuner-Balli, Chapman University – Yoga Culture

Are you currently in a downward-facing-dog position? If so, you’re one of the many folks who

Douglas Bruster, UT Austin – Shakespeare’s Brand

  We’re still making discoveries about Shakespeare! Douglas Bruster, a professor of American and English literature