Environmental Science Archive

Beth Feingold, University at Albany – Food Waste

On University at Albany Week:Β  How do we waste less food? Beth Feingold, associate professor in

Hao Huang, Scripps College – Tradition and Environmentalism in Bali: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

On Scripps College Week:Β  The environment we have today will nurture future generations. Hao Huang, professor

Betsy Stoner, Bentley University – Microplastics

On Bentley University Week: There’s even more plastic in the ocean than we think. Betsy Stoner,

Theodora Pinou, Western Connecticut State University – Teaching the Environment

How do we teach students about the environment in a meaningful way? Theodora Pinou, professor of

Kevin Woo, SUNY Empire University – The Importance of Urban Ecology and Conservation

Marine mammals can be biomarkers for the health of an ecosystem. Kevin Woo, associate professor of

Christine Biermann, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – Molecular Analysis is Revolutionizing Native Trout Conservation

On University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Week:Β  Some of our native species might not always be

Philip Sirianni, SUNY Oneonta – The Result of Taxing Carbon Emissions

On SUNY Oneonta Sustainability Week: What happens when carbon emissions are taxed? Philip Sirianni, associate professor

James Mills, SUNY Oneonta – Pilgrimages Could Save the Environment

On SUNY Oneonta Sustainability Week: Pilgrimages could save the environment. James Mills, assistant professor of geography

Tyra Olstad, SUNY Oneonta – How We Value Landscapes

On SUNY Oneonta Sustainability Week: Empty landscapes can be a haven for other forms of life.

Trevor Fuller, SUNY Oneonta – What is Environmental Justice?

On SUNY Oneonta Sustainability Week:Β  What is environmental justice? Trevor Fuller, associate professor of geography and