Environmental Science Archive

Falk Huettmann, University of Alaska Fairbanks – Climate Change in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya

Climate change’s effects will be felt across the planet, but what we can we learn from

Heather Tanana, University of Utah – Universal Access to Clean Water for Tribes in the Colorado River Basin

Access to clean water is critical for Native American communities. Heather Tanana, assistant professor of law

Kristy Hopfensperger, Northern Kentucky University – One Milkweed at a Time

On Northern Kentucky University Week:Β  Want to help out the butterflies? Plant some milkweed. Kristy Hopfensperger,

Nadia Singh, University of Oregon – How Organisms Cope with Environment Change

Can environment play a role in the diversity of offspring? Nadia Singh, associate professor of biology

Beth Feingold, University at Albany – Food Waste

On University at Albany Week:Β  How do we waste less food? Beth Feingold, associate professor in

Hao Huang, Scripps College – Tradition and Environmentalism in Bali: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

On Scripps College Week:Β  The environment we have today will nurture future generations. Hao Huang, professor

Betsy Stoner, Bentley University – Microplastics

On Bentley University Week: There’s even more plastic in the ocean than we think. Betsy Stoner,

Theodora Pinou, Western Connecticut State University – Teaching the Environment

How do we teach students about the environment in a meaningful way? Theodora Pinou, professor of

Kevin Woo, SUNY Empire University – The Importance of Urban Ecology and Conservation

Marine mammals can be biomarkers for the health of an ecosystem. Kevin Woo, associate professor of

Christine Biermann, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – Molecular Analysis is Revolutionizing Native Trout Conservation

On University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Week:Β  Some of our native species might not always be