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Mara Grayson, California State University Dominguez Hills – Trigger Warnings in the Classroom

Are trigger warnings helpful in the classroom? Mara Grayson, assistant professor of English at California State

James Seidelman, Westminster College – Student Loan Debt Crisis

On Westminster College Week: The student loan debt crisis shows no signs of slowing down. James

Allison Buskirk-Cohen, Delaware Valley University – Succeeding in College

Campuses want college students to succeed. Allison Buskirk-Cohen, associate professor of psychology at Delaware Valley University,

Alexandra Logue, Graduate Center of the City University of New York – Remedial Math

Math could be what determines whether you graduate from college. Alexandra Logue, research professor at the

Katherine Cumings Mansfield, University of North Carolina Greensboro – Improve Schools by Asking Students

The best way to improve a school?  Ask the students. Katherine Cumings Mansfield, associate professor in

Michelle Hospital, Florida International University – Youth Music Programs and the Five C’s

Learning to play music could foster important skills for life. Michelle Hospital, research associate professor in

Jennifer Adams, University of Calgary – Minority Students and Science Achievement

Those who teach and learn science could use more diversity. Jennifer Adams, associate professor in the

Patti Owen-Smith, Oxford College of Emory University – Contemplative Practice

What part does contemplation play in our academic institutions? Patti Owen-Smith, professor of psychology at Oxford

Katherine Aquino, Manhattan College – Students With Disabilities

Should we embrace the concept of disability as a positive component of student diversity? Katherine Aquino,

Ellen Schiller, Grand Valley State University – Nurturing Elementary Teachers as They Strive to Become Better Science Teachers

On Grand Valley State University Week: Elementary school should be a place for science. Ellen Schiller,