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Tim Clydesdale, The College of New Jersey – Purposeful Learning

Having a purpose is a great first step for college graduates. Tim Clydesdale, professor of sociology

Kelsey Lucca, University of Washington – Infant’s Persistence

How do you find out what infants do and do not know? Kelsey Lucca, postdoctoral researcher

Kirsten Read, Santa Clara University – Effect of Rhyming Books on Children’s Vocabularies

Making a rhyme every time is great for children’s minds. Kirsten Read, assistant professor of psychology

Jeffrey Snyder, Carleton College – Bias Incidents on Campus

On Carleton College Week: Have you been the victim of a “bias incident?” Jeffrey Aaron Snyder, Associate Professor

Nathan Grawe, Carleton College – The Great Recession and Higher Education

On Carleton College Week: The Great Recession could hurt college admissions in the near future. Nathan

William Blick, Queensborough Community College – Open Educational Resources at Community Colleges

Reducing the cost of textbooks is key for lower-income students. William Blick, assistant professor at Queensborough

Ashley Taylor, Colgate University – Intellectual Disability and the Production of Knowledge

Who can be a producer of knowledge? Ashley Taylor, assistant professor of educational studies at Colgate

Sheila Jaswal, Amherst College – Retention of Women and Underrepresented Minorities in STEM

On Amherst College Week: How do we increase STEM enrollment for women and underrepresented minorities? Sheila

Mary Beth Schaefer, St. John’s University – Minding the Gaps in an Extended Clinical Practice

On St. John’s University Week: What gaps and pitfalls do teacher candidates have to navigate? Mary

Daniel Ness, St. John’s University – The Play-Procedure Continuum

On St. John’s University Week: Learning and practicing for new teachers can be at odds with