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Alicia Nordstrom, Misericordia University – Reducing Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Stigma through Real-Life Stories

On Misericordia University Week: Interactions with those we dislike or ignore, could have important ramifications for

Dena Kniess, University of West Georgia –Second-Year Experiences for Underrepresented Students on Campus

On University of West Georgia Week: Freshman year can be tough for students, but what about

Christopher Jett, University of West Georgia – Black Men and STEM Careers

On University of West Georgia Week: Race-related stereotypes can push Black men away from STEM careers.

Catherine Bagwell, Emory University – Remote Learning and School Friendships

On Oxford College of Emory University Week: Students will be missing their friends this year. Catherine

Andrew Kahn, SUNY Buffalo State – Story Based Learning: Re-engaging a Disconnected Generation

On SUNY Distinguished Academy Week:  Are future teachers being trained for the students of today? Andrew

Kelsey Gray, Emory University – Monastic Teaching and Metacognition

Each new student is thrust into the unknown of a different situation. Kelsey Gray, a post-doctoral

Jodie N. Mader, Thomas More University – The COVID-19 Pause

Many plans have gone out the window during the COVID-19 pause. Jodie N. Mader, associate professor

Jeanne Carey Ingle, Bridgewater State University – “I Was Never Prepared for This”: Teaching in the Time of COVID-19

Teachers face an uncertain future in the face of COVID-19. Jeanne Carey Ingle, associate professor in

Johann Neem, Western Washington University – Higher Education Meta-Vocabularies

Are those in higher education talking the same language? Johann Neem, professor in the department of

Katrina Hoop, Saint Joseph’s College – The Sociological Imagination, Students’ Lives-As-Text, and Teaching During a Pandemic

COVID-19 is an invitation to think more sociologically. Katrina Hoop, associate professor of sociology at St.