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Daniel Mallinson, Penn State University – Engaging Citizen-Students through Technology

On Penn State University Week:Β  Tech in classrooms is becoming a necessity, but how do we

Katherine McLean, Penn State University – Crime on Campus

On Penn State University Week: Increasing student engagement can make a better campus climate. Katherine McLean,

Justine Lindemann, Penn State University – Mapping the Classroom as Community

On Penn State University Week: Professors can learn a lot by seeing how students are interacting.

Bill Goffe, Penn State University – Deliberate Practice and Teaching

On Penn State University Week: How do we make students more active in their learning? Bill

Chelsea Morris, University of West Georgia – Pyramid Model

On University of West Georgia Week: What is the Pyramid Model and why can it help

Sarah Jones, University of West Georgia – Foster Care Youth and Higher Education Aspirations

On University of West Georgia Week: Students from foster homes face a harder road to college.

Pawan Dhingra, Amherst College – After-School Academics in an Era of Remote Learning

After-school education is taking hold during online learning at schools. Pawan Dhingra, professor of American studies

Anahid S. Modrek, Thomas Jefferson University – A Cost of an Excellent Education

A self-directed student may not fit the mold of a well-behaved student. Anahid S. Modrek, assistant

Caroline Brackette, Mercer University – Mental Health and College Satisfaction

Mental health disabilities can be hidden, but still have a large effect on college students’ satisfaction

Aixa Marchand, Rhodes College – Parents and Virtual Learning During COVID-19

On Rhodes College Week:Β  Parents have been substituting as teachers during the pandemic. Aixa Marchand, assistant