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Lynn Ulatowski, Ursuline College – The Concept of the Big Picture

How do we get students to look at the big picture? Lynn Ulatowski, assistant professor of

Celene Reynolds, Yale University – Title IX

How is Title IX being used to combat gender inequalities in higher education? Celene Reynolds, PhD

Mark West, University of North Carolina Charlotte – The Humanities and the STEM Disciplines as Overlapping Circles

Can the humanities and the STEM disciplines overlap? Mark West, professor of English and chair of

Tim Clydesdale, The College of New Jersey – Purposeful Learning

Having a purpose is a great first step for college graduates. Tim Clydesdale, professor of sociology

Kelsey Lucca, University of Washington – Infant’s Persistence

How do you find out what infants do and do not know? Kelsey Lucca, postdoctoral researcher

Kirsten Read, Santa Clara University – Effect of Rhyming Books on Children’s Vocabularies

Making a rhyme every time is great for children’s minds. Kirsten Read, assistant professor of psychology

Jeffrey Snyder, Carleton College – Bias Incidents on Campus

On Carleton College Week: Have you been the victim of a “bias incident?” Jeffrey Aaron Snyder, Associate Professor

Nathan Grawe, Carleton College – The Great Recession and Higher Education

On Carleton College Week: The Great Recession could hurt college admissions in the near future. Nathan

William Blick, Queensborough Community College – Open Educational Resources at Community Colleges

Reducing the cost of textbooks is key for lower-income students. William Blick, assistant professor at Queensborough

Ashley Taylor, Colgate University – Intellectual Disability and the Production of Knowledge

Who can be a producer of knowledge? Ashley Taylor, assistant professor of educational studies at Colgate