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Kevin Singer, North Carolina State University – Friendships Matter for Higher Ed Students

On This Student Spotlight: Having a diverse friend group can be an important part of college

Kent Rissmiller, Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Preparing Students with a Project-Based Curriculum

On Worcester Polytechnic Institute Week: Project-based learning can set students up for success outside of school.

Kristin Wobbe, Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Project-Based Learning in the First Year

On Worcester Polytechnic Institute Week: Students shouldn’t wait for project learning in higher education. Kristin Wobbe,

Geoff Pfeifer, Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Inclusion and Equity in Student Project Teams

On Worcester Polytechnic Institute Week:  Not everyone likes team projects in college classes. Geoff Pfeifer, associate

Art Heinricher, Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Cost of Higher Education

On Worcester Polytechnic Institute Week: Is higher education worth the cost? Art Heinricher, professor of mathematical

Brett Levy, University at Albany – Reducing Political Polarization Through Education

On University at Albany Week: Having an open mind could lead to a better political future.

David Canton, Connecticut College – The Second Generation of Black Historians

On Connecticut College Week:  Who was Lawrence Reddick? David Canton, associate professor of history, discusses this

John Duffy, University of Notre Dame – Writing and the Public Discourse

How do we change the tone of our current public discourse? John Duffy, professor of English

Mimi Benjamin, Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Living-Learning Communities

Not all living-learning communities are succeeding as well as others. Mimi Benjamin, associate professor in the

Angie Mayfield, Vincennes University – Mixed Age Students

College classrooms are mostly traditional students. Angie Mayfield, professor of English at Vincennes University, explores how