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Tiece Ruffin, University of North Carolina Asheville – Radical Enactment of Equity for Educational Justice

On University of North Carolina Asheville Week:  How do disrupt the education gaps that exist in

Brandy Schwarz, University of North Texas Health Science Center – Workplace Bullying in Higher Education

Bullying isn’t just for children. Brandy Schwarz, associate professor in the department of physical therapy at

Kathryn Boucher, University of Indianapolis – Faculty’s Key Role in Student Success

Faculty have a large role to play in student success, but not just in the classroom.

John Lefebvre, Wofford College – Fostering Resilience Among College Students

Leaving people to suffer alone has negative effects. John Lefebvre, professor of psychology at Wofford College,

Billi Bromer, Brenau University – The Importance of Social Presence in Online Instruction

Online instruction is a part of college life, but how can we make it better? Billi

Karla Loya, University of Hartford – Pandemic Teaching and Learning Should Be Inclusive and Supportive

Fostering an inclusive environment is key during a time of crisis. Karla Loya, assistant professor of

Diya Abdo, Guilford College – Resettlement Campuses are the Future of Higher Education

What can be done to help refugees in this country? Diya Abdo, professor of English at

Frederick Engram, University of Texas at Arlington – Teaching The Truth Should Not Be Controversial

Teachers aren’t always allowed to teach what they believe. Frederick Engram, assistant professor of instruction at

Melissa Wells, Empire State College – The Prevalence of UDL Techniques in Virtual Formats

We have many ways to present information for students in today’s world. Melissa Wells, assistant professor

Mark West, University of North Carolina Charlotte – How Theodore Roosevelt’s Reading Contributed to His Support for Immigrants

Reading can lead us to change how we think and act. Mark West, professor of English