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Unal Tatar, University at Albany – The Economic Cost of Critical Infrastructure Disruptions

On University at Albany Week:Β  Infrastructure can be costly even at the best of times. Unal

Leah Greden Mathews, University of North Carolina Asheville – Springsteen-omics: Understanding Economics Through the Songs of the Boss

On University of North Carolina Asheville Week: What can Bruce Springsteen teach is about economics? Leah

Mark Stelzner, Connecticut College –The Intensity of Slavery and the Birth of Modern Capitalism

A short-term mindset can have ample benefits, but at what cost? Mark Stelzner, assistant professor of

Sahar Milani, St. Lawrence University – Promoting Innovation through Policy

How much should we invest in innovation in companies? Sahar Milani, associate professor of economics at

Clifford F. Thies, Shenandoah University – War, What’s It Good For?

Is war good or bad for a country’s economy? Clifford F. Thies, professor of economics and

Bryant Sculos, Worcester State University – Learning From Basic Income Pilots

On Worcester State University Week: What can we learn from universal basic income pilot programs? Bryant

Heath Henderson, Drake University – The Limitations of Cash Payments for Fighting Poverty

What is the best way to fight poverty? Heath Henderson, assistant professor of economics at Drake

Dayna DeFeo, University of Alaska Anchorage – Teacher Shortage

Why is there a teacher shortage? Dayna DeFeo, research assistant professor at the University of Alaska

Shahrzad Goudarzi, New York University – Economic Inequality

On this Student Spotlight during New York University Week: Do Americans care about economic inequality? Shahrzad

Nate Peach, George Fox University – Teaching Undergraduates to Measure Economic Development

On George Fox University Week: More data brings opportunities for research. Nate Peach, associate professor of