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Dayna DeFeo, University of Alaska Anchorage – Teacher Shortage

Why is there a teacher shortage? Dayna DeFeo, research assistant professor at the University of Alaska

Shahrzad Goudarzi, New York University – Economic Inequality

On this Student Spotlight during New York University Week: Do Americans care about economic inequality? Shahrzad

Nate Peach, George Fox University – Teaching Undergraduates to Measure Economic Development

On George Fox University Week: More data brings opportunities for research. Nate Peach, associate professor of

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On University of Dayton Week: Does incentive spending really take from the rich and give to

Nathan Grawe, Carleton College – The Great Recession and Higher Education

On Carleton College Week: The Great Recession could hurt college admissions in the near future. Nathan

Madhavi Venkatesan, Northeastern University – Economics of Sustainability

Consumerism is at the heart of our economy. Madhavi Venkatesan, assistant teaching professor at Northeastern University,

Roberto Pedace, Scripps College – International Box Office Revenue is a Leading Reason for Less Diversity in Films

Hollywood has a diversity problem. Roberto Pedace, professor of economics at Scripps College, examines the reasons

Fred Chen, Wake Forest University – Synthetic Rhino Horns

Can synthetic rhino horns stop the scourge of poaching? Fred Chen, associate professor of economics at

David Zonderman, North Carolina State University – Labor Unions

We hear a lot of negative news about labor unions. David Zonderman, professor of history at

Kimberly Merriman, University of Massachusetts Lowell – Gig Work

Temporary workers are playing a bigger part in our economy. Kimberly Merriman, associate professor in the