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Garth Heutel, Georgia State University – Solar Geoengineering

How does an economist look at climate change? Garth Heutel, assistant professor of economics at Georgia

Maria Aysa-Lastra, Winthrop University – The Great Recession and Latino Immigrants

What do the recessions of Spain and the United States have in common? Maria Aysa-Lastra, assistant

Lewis Davis, Union College – Racial Solidarity

Does your race affect your view of social status? Lewis Davis, professor of economics at Union

Charles Courtemanche, Georgia State University – Cheap Food & Obesity

Is cheap food the cause of the obesity epidemic? Charles Courtemanche, associate professor of economics at

Jonathan Willner, Oklahoma City University – Sports Economics

Does competitive balance in sports lead to better attendance? Jonathan Willner, professor of economics at Oklahoma

Jennifer Itzkowitz, Seton Hall – Alphabetical Stock Benefits

What’s in a name? Jennifer Itzkowitz, Seton Hall assistant professor of finance, examines the benefits of

Vicki Howard, Hartwick College – Evolution of the Department Store

Everything evolves over time. That includes how we do our shopping. Vicki Howard, history professor at

Gary Wilcox, UT Austin – Alcohol Advertising

The way alcohol ads are regulated is quite interesting. Gary Wilcox, UT Austin professor of advertising

Jeffrey Kappen, Drake University – Middle East Economics

The next big economic power might not be where you’d expect it. Jeffrey Kappen, international business

Robert Kelchen, Seton Hall University – The Price of College

College admissions can be a formidable process. Robert Kelchen, a professor of higher education at Seton