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Scott McGraw, OSU – Bitter Side of Cocoa

Is the production of chocolate having a negative impact? Scott McGraw, an anthropologist at The Ohio

Ted Steinberg, Case Western Reserve University – Over-development

Can a city become so developed, it’s grown becomes a hindrance? Ted Steinberg, history professor at

Robert Edgell, SUNY Polytechnic Institute – Creativity and Community

Communities that foster creativity and growth among their top minds will likely flourish. Robert Edgell, a

Dylan McNamara, UNCW – Coastline Economics

The future of theĀ coastlineĀ depends on more than just sand and water. Dylan McNamara, physicist and physical

Jeff Sovern, St. John’s University – Consumer Knowledge

Do you always understand exactly what you’re signing? Jeff Sovern, professor of law at St. John’s

Jennie Brand, UCLA – Benefits of Higher Ed

The idea and purpose of obtaining a higher education is likely similar regardless of who the

Robin Soster, University of Arkansas – The Bottom Dollar Effect

Is the satisfaction of one’s purchase dependent upon the money left after the transaction is complete?

Jennie Brand, UCLA – Single Mother Employment Outcomes

Being a single parent is tough. Being an unemployed single parent is even tougher. Dr. Jennie

Betsy Shenkman, University of Florida – Paid to be Healthy?

Can a conditional economic bump help improve overall health? Dr. Betsy Shenkman, professor and department chair

Brian Hesse, Northwest Missouri State – Chibuku and Growing Rates of African Beer Consumption

The consumption of alcohol on the continent of Africa ranks amongst the lowest globally, but as