Biology Archive

Rika Anderson, Carleton College – Hydrothermal Vents

On Carleton College Week: How does life survive in the deepest parts of the ocean? Rika

John Loike, Touro College – Xenotransplantation

Animals may help us bridge the organ donation gap. John Loike, professor of biology at Touro

Ken Gobbo, Landmark College – Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity is a growing social movement. Ken Gobbo, professor of psychology at Landmark College, discusses this

Joe Erlichman, St. Lawrence University – Cerium Dioxide Nanoparticles

A new treatment for ALS could be on the way. Joe Erlichman, professor and chair of

Josef Trapani, Amherst College – Hair Cells

On Amherst College Week: Little hair cells in our ears play big roles in hearing and

Angela Dassow, Carthage College – Identifying Individual Gray Wolves Using Howls

Wolves have their own voices. Angela Dassow, assistant professor of biology at Carthage College, says wolf

Nicholas Port, Indiana University – Subconcussions

Not every athlete with a brain injury has been diagnosed with a concussion. Nicholas Port, associate

Janice Stapley, Monmouth University – Female Student Athletes and Concussions

How do we protect athletes from concussions? Janice Stapley, associate professor of psychology at Monmouth University,

John Kominoski, Florida International University – Dams Drive Risk of Fish Extinction in U.S.

Population changes across the country can lead to extinction of native species. John Kominoski, assistant professor

Jennie Carr, Washington College – Field Sparrows

On Washington College Week: What determines the success or failure of a bird’s nest? Jennie Carr,