Biology Archive

Kyle Quinn, University of Arkansas – Chronic Skin Wounds

Wavelengths of light could help heal chronic wounds. Kyle Quinn, assistant professor in the department of

Gabriel Neal, Texas A&M University – Paper Cuts

Why do paper cuts hurt so much? Gabe Neal, clinical assistant professor at Texas A&M University,

Brooks Crozier, Roanoke College – Tracking Bacteria in Water Sources

On Roanoke College Week: Microorganisms can cause big problems in a water source. Brooks Crozier, professor

Chris Lassiter, Roanoke College – Estrogen

On Roanoke College Week: How do our organs end up in the right places? Chris Lassiter,

Ekin Atilla-Gokcumen, University at Buffalo – Cellular Senescence

Have we found one of the genes responsible for aging? Ekin Atilla-Gokcumen, assistant professor of chemistry

Douglas Fudge, Chapman University – Hagfish

Dealing with predators is a fact of life for most species. Douglas Fudge, associate professor of

Wendy Turner, University at Albany – Understanding Why Anthrax Outbreaks Occur

On University at Albany Week: Why are some anthrax outbreaks worse than others? Wendy Turner, assistant

Alexandra Kosiba, University of Vermont – The Rebound of the Red Spruce

The red spruce is coming back to the Northeastern United States. Alexandra Kosiba, researcher in the

Rika Anderson, Carleton College – Hydrothermal Vents

On Carleton College Week: How does life survive in the deepest parts of the ocean? Rika

John Loike, Touro College – Xenotransplantation

Animals may help us bridge the organ donation gap. John Loike, professor of biology at Touro