Biology Archive

Harriet Okatch, Franklin & Marshall College – Lead Poisoning

On Franklin & Marshall Week: Lead poisoning remains a scourge in certain areas. Harriet Okatch, assistant

Elizabeth De Santo, Franklin & Marshall College – Protecting the Oceans

On Franklin & Marshall Week: We are at a crucial moment for the health of our

Shady Amin, New York University Abu Dhabi – Chemical Signaling

How do organisms that don’t speak communicate with one another? Shady Amin, assistant professor of biology

Emily DuVal, Florida State University – Avian Au Pairs

Humans aren’t the only species to use an au pair. Emily DuVal, associate professor in the

Bonnie Baxter, Westminster College – Great Salt Lake and Life on Mars

On Westminster College Week: Want to go to Mars?  Head to Utah. Bonnie Baxter, professor of

Stephanie Carr, Hartwick College – Microbes

Microbes are a rich area of study. Stephanie Carr, assistant professor of biology at Hartwick College,

Matthew Fuxjager, Wake Forest University – Roll Snap Golden Manakins

A small bird is pushing the limits of muscle performance. Matthew Fuxjager, assistant professor of biology

Karen Gaffney, Raritan Valley Community College – Race As A Social Construct

Is race a social construct? Karen Gaffney, professor in the English department at Raritan Valley Community

Irene Chiolo, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences – First Responders In The Body

On USC Dornsife Week: Who are the first responders for damaged cells in your body? Irene

Daniel Benjamin, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences – Genetics and Academic Achievement

On USC Dornsife Week: Do your genes decide the highest level of education you’ll receive? Daniel