The Academic Minute for 2024.07.01-2024.07.05

The Academic Minute from 7.01 – 7.05

Lawson Wulsin University of Cincinnati
What is Toxic Stress?
Lawson Wulsin, MD, is professor of psychiatry and family medicine at the University of Cincinnati. His subspecialty is psychosomatic medicine, and he has focused his research and teaching on various mind-body questions, such as depression and heart disease, and more recently stress and metabolic disorders. In April 2024 his book Toxic Stress: How Stress Is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It was published by Cambridge University Press. He has devoted much of his career to training physicians to practice both family medicine and psychiatry, and he has served in leadership roles for several professional organizations and academic journals related to the integration of medicine and psychiatry.

Kylie King – SUNY Plattsburgh
The Role of Informal Networks in Business Ownership
Dr. Kylie King is the Director of Institutional Effectiveness at SUNY Plattsburgh. Dr. King conducts research in the areas of social network analysis and individual, team, and organizational measurement. Dr. King has also served as a faculty member teaching in the areas of analytics and entrepreneurship. She serves as a faculty affiliate with the University of Maryland Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets and the Wake Forest University Center for the Study of Capitalism.

Rachel Noorda – Portland State University
Reading Behavior Versus Reading Identity for Gen-Z and Millennials
Rachel Noorda is associate professor of English and director of book publishing at Portland State University. She and her colleague Kathi Inman Berens study crossmedia consumption and identity behaviors.

Michael Zalot – Cedar Crest College
Historic Legacy of Once-Popular Arcade Redemption Tokens
Michael Zalot is an assistant professor of business and director of the MBA Program in the Department of Business, Management and Economics at Cedar Crest College un Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Zalot serves as business faculty and program lead at Cedar Crest, with an emphasis on information systems, business communication, and management. He has over 20 years of higher education experience, and more than a decade of program administration experience, including MBA curriculum design and management, faculty assessment, student advisement, industry outreach, and accreditation process.

Beth Livingston – University of Iowa
When a Worker is Harassed During Their Commute
Beth A. Livingston is the Ralph L. Sheets Associate Professor of Industrial Relations at the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business and the faculty director of the Dore-Tippie Women’s Leadership program. Sher earned her MBA from the University of Kentucky and Ph.D. from the University of Florida. She studies human resources, gender and diversity, and the management of work and family in the interest of family well-being. Her research has been highlighted in the New York Times, NPR, and the Harvard Business Review, and she has been published in multiple top academic journals. Livingston has also done executive education, speaking engagements, and consulting for companies and non-profits such as Accenture, Deere & Co., Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Allsteel, and Hollaback!


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