The Academic Minute for 2024.05.06-2024.05.10

The Academic Minute from 5.06 – 5.10

Lauren Dula Binghamton University
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Dr. Dula is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Public Administration and Policy at the College of Community and Public Affairs. Her research focuses on gender, equity, and diversity in the nonprofit and public sectors. She combines traditional public administration themes such as representative bureaucracy, and organizational and governance theories with social theories from psychology and sociology in the study of nonprofits and the public sector.

Peter Gerhardstein – Binghamton University
Assessing Problematic Digital Media Consumption
Investigation of the perceptual and attention processes that influence the formation of our perceptions of the visual world and of visual memories, and exploration of the structure and content of visual representations comprise the primary foci of Gerhardstein’s research. He subscribes to the view that these areas’ processes are interrelated.

Current research in the lab includes investigations of both low-level perceptual development (investigating the development of contour integration, orientation sensitivity and other low-level vision abilities in infants and children) and higher-level issues relating to the ability to transfer training from screen media (video, television, interactive touch screens) to a ‘live,’ or 3-D person-to-person interaction, a situation in which young children have been found to underperform to a surprising degree.

Vipal Lugade – Binghamton University
Using Smartphones to Assess Older Adults Fall Risk
Vipul Lugade joined the Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences in September 2021. He is the director of the Motion Analysis Research Laboratory and an associate professor in the Division of Physical Therapy.

Vipul’s research includes the development of tools to remotely monitor activity, the investigation of body-worn sensors, evaluating concussions in adolescents and the risk of falls in older adults, and the use of large-scale datasets to optimize disease prognosis and recommend individualized intervention in a range of populations.

Adam Session – Binghamton University
Deciphering Polypoid Genome Ancestry
Dr. Session is currently an assistant professor at the Binghamton University Harpur School of Arts and Sciences

His research focuses on genome evolution with a focus on polyploidy and transposable elements.

Lindsey Swierk – Binghamton University
Lizard Adaptations Through the Lens of Organismal Ecology
Swierk studies the behavior and ecology of species in a changing world. Her work primarily focuses on reproductive ecology, sexual selection, and animal communication using reptiles and amphibians as study organisms, exploring both fundamental questions and their conservation implications. Swierk’s research integrates an emphasis on the human impacts on species’ ecology. She conducts research in the northeastern United States and in the Neotropics.