The Academic Minute for 2022.08.08-2022.08.12


The Academic Minute from 08.08 – 08.12

Monday, August 8th
Karen Cerulo Rutgers University
Dreaming of Future Possibilities
Karen A. Cerulo has authored several books and articles in the areas of culture and cognition, symbol systems and meaning, inequality, media and technology, social change, and identity construction. She served as the Chair of the ASAā€™s Culture section and Vice President of the Eastern Sociological Society. She currently edits Sociological Forum, the flagship journal of the Eastern Sociological Society.Ā  In 2013, she was named the Robin M. Williams Jr. Lecturer by the Eastern Sociological Society and won that organizationā€™s Merit Award. In 2019, she was elected to the Sociological Research Association.

Tuesday, August 9th
John Tures – LaGrange College
Red Flag Laws
John A. Tures is a political science professor at LaGrange College in Georgia. Before that, he worked for a defense contractor in Washington, DC. He taught at the University of Delaware and received his Ph.D. from Florida.

Wednesday, August 10th
William E. Pelham – Florida International University
Medication Doesn’t Help Kids with ADHD Learn
Pelham has authored or co-authored nearly 500 professional publications dealing with ADHD and its assessment and treatment-psychosocial, pharmacological, and combined. His research has provided the foundation for the current standard in the treatment for ADHD. He has won numerous awards for his contributions from organizations such as Divisions 53 and 37 of the American Psychological Association (APA) and Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD). Pelham is a 1970 graduate of Dartmouth College and earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1976.

Thursday, August 11th
Alexander Williams – University of Kansas
When Therapy Harms
Dr. Williams is the Program Director of Psychology, Director of the Psychological Clinic and licensed clinical psychologist at the Edwards Campus of the University of Kansas. He conducts metascientific research on the credibility of psychological interventions. AĀ TEDxĀ speaker, Dr. Williams has written forĀ Scientific AmericanĀ andĀ AeonĀ in addition to academic journals. His work has also been featured inĀ Inc.Ā and onĀ NPR.

Friday, August 12th
Lina Begdache – Binghamton University
Customized Diets and Lifestyle Factors May Optimize Mental Wellbeing
Dr. Begdache is currently an assistant professor at the Binghamton University College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Her research focuses on assessing the impact of diet and lifestyle factors on mental distress with a specific focus on age-group and gender.