The Academic Minute for 2021.07.19-2021.07.23


The Academic Minute from 07.19 – 07.23

Monday, July 19th
Ali Hamza –¬†Widener University
Understanding the Future of Automated Self-Driving
Ali Hamza is an assistant professor of electrical engineering at Widener University. His research interests include statistical signal and array processing, radar signal processing, communication systems, sparse arrays, convex optimization, and RF sensing for assisted living and remote patient monitoring.

Tuesday, July 20th
Shaakira Abdullah – Widener University
Re-Imagining Sex Education for Muslim Teens
Shaakira Abdullah is a professor of nursing at Widener University. Her research interests include sex education, faith-based health promotion, health care disparities among U.S. minorities, and nursing student outcomes. She is the president and founder of Love Beyond Love, a non-profit organization developed in response to the ongoing struggle of premarital sex and relationships faced by Muslim youth all over the country. Through the organization, Dr. Abdullah offers a range of services including one-on-one coaching, youth workshops, parental workshops, and more.

Wednesday, July 21st
Paul Baker – Widener University
First Hints of Supermassive Black Holes Merging in Distant Galaxies
Dr. Paul T. Baker is an assistant professor of physics at Widener University. He received a PhD and MS in Physics from Montana State University, and a BA in Physics from Reed College. He is a physicist interested in detecting and characterizing gravitational waves. His data analysis research combines methods from physics, astronomy, computing, and statistics.

Thursday, July 22nd
Yamuna Baburaj – Widener University
How Companies Can Best Utilize Star Employees
Dr. Yamuna Baburaj is an assistant professor of management in Widener University’s School of Business Administration. She received a PhD in Strategic Management from Drexel University. She has taught courses in international business and management at Widener since 2017.

Friday, July 23rd
Dawn Gulick – Widener University
Innovating a Safer Way to Compete
Dawn Gulick is a professor of physical therapy at Widener University’s Institute for Physical Therapy Education.