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Jenny Lenkowski, Goucher College – What Human Medicine Can Learn From Fish Eyes

The eyes of fish could help us see the light again. Jenny Lenkowski, associate professor of

Dimitra Atri, NYU Abu Dhabi – Space Weather, Planets and Life

Is there another planet like Earth? Dimitra Atri, research scientist at the NYU Abu Dhabi Center

Jennifer Wollock, Texas A&M University – Wars of Chivalry

They say chivalry is dead.  Is that a good thing? Jennifer Wollock, professor of English at

Yoah Sui, University of Victoria – More Sitting is Bad, But Not All Sitting is the Same

If you’re sitting, you might want to stand up for this one. Yoah Sui, postdoctoral fellow

This Week on The Academic Minute (2021.06.07)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2021.06.07   Monday, June 7th Yoah Sui, postdoctoral fellow at

The Academic Minute for 2021.05.31-2021.06.04

  The Academic Minute from 05.31 – 06.04 Monday, May 31st Elise Lemire – Purchase College The Vietnam

Sanya Carley, Indiana University – Energy Insecurity and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Flip the switch and the light goes on for most of us, but not all.  But

Tyler Anderson-Sieg, University of South Carolina – Our Strategically Lazy Brains

On this Student Spotlight: We are all busy, and so are our brains. Tyler Anderson-Sieg, PhD-student

Lina Begdache, Binghamton University – You Are What Your Stress Level Is During the Pandemic

There have been dramatic shifts in wellness for everyone during COVID-19. Lina Begdache, assistant professor in

Heath Henderson, Drake University – The Limitations of Cash Payments for Fighting Poverty

What is the best way to fight poverty? Heath Henderson, assistant professor of economics at Drake