The Academic Minute for 2018.09.03-09.07


Academic Minute from 9.03 – 9.07

Monday, September 3rd
Carsten Prasse – Johns Hopkins University
Water Purification
Carsten Prasse’s research is driven by a fascination with water chemistry and a deep concern about the public and environmental health impacts of chemicals present in our water. He investigates the fate of contaminants in the built and natural environment using state-of-the-art analytical chemistry techniques (e.g. high-resolution mass spectrometry) with the focus on identifying transformation products and understanding underlying mechanisms of transformation in the urban water cycle. Prioritizing which compounds are most threatening to human and environmental health is a great challenge given that thousands of chemicals are present in our waters. To tackle this problem, Carsten’s research has recently focused on using concepts and methods from toxicology and public health. This work is interdisciplinary with the goal of developing new methodologies to inform water treatment technology development, comprehensively assess water quality and characterize the drinking water exposome.

Tuesday, September 4th
Franziska Landes – Columbia University
Lead in Soil
Franziska Landes is a fifth year Ph.D. student in the Earth and Environmental Science program at Columbia University. She is interested in environmental geochemistry and public health, especialy the potential for community and public participation in science to reduce exposure to environmental contaminants while increasing our knowledge of environmental contaminants, public awareness of relevant health information, and improve science literacy. Her current work involves developing a field test kit for lead in soils and studying the impact of soil lead contamination in New York and Peru.

After receiving her BSc from Jacobs University in Germany, she worked for two years at the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, conducting and reviewing environmental assessments and remediation plans for the Brownfields Program.

Wednesday, September 5th
Janice Stapley – Monmouth University
Female Student Athletes and Concussions
I am an Applied Developmental Psychologist with research experience in Emotional Intelligence and Emotion Regulation and the developmental periods of Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood. I do mixed methods research and have expertise in running Focus Groups, Survey Research, and Research Ethics. I am on the Institutional Research Board for Human Participants Research at Monmouth University. Current interests include Emotion Regulation in College students and the application of Developmental Psychology to Human Resources issues.

Thursday, September 6th
Nicholas Port – Indiana University
Dr. Nicholas Port completed his undergraduate training at NYU’s Center for Neural Science (1990) and completed his pre-graduate training at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience at Oxford University (1991). He received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Minnesota in 1997. Dr. Port did his postdoctoral training at the Laboratory for Sensorimotor Research at the National Eye Institute. He joined the faculty of the IU School of Optometry in August 2005.

Friday, September 7th
Robert Edgell – SUNY Polytechnic Institute
Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
Dr. Edgell is currently an Associate Professor of Technology Management, Co-Director of the Joint Center for Creativity, Design, and Venturing, and had volunteered for one year to be the Interim Dean of the College of Business Management at SUNY Polytechnic Institute. He has been a Visiting Professor at the Swiss Business School in Zurich and has delivered research papers and lectures at Stanford University’s Law School, the University of California San Francisco’s School of Dentistry, the California College of the Arts, and the University of St. Gallen. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor at American University’s Kogod School of Business where he was named Outstanding Faculty. Also, he has taught at San Francisco State University’s College of Business.


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