This Week on The Academic Minute (2017.12.25) – BEST-OF WEEK

This Week on The Academic Minute 2017.12.25

Monday, December 25th

For the Best Communications Segment Award, Christian Kiewitz, professor in management at the University of Dayton, discusses how a vicious cycle can damage the workplace, discussed abusive bosses and defensive silence.

Tuesday, December 26th

For the President’s Choice Award, Damon Coletta, professor of political science at the United States Air Force Academy, delved into whether a focus on liberal education can help America’s leadership in the world.

Wednesday, December 27th

For the Best Psychology Segment Award, James Roberts, professor of marketing at Baylor University, examined whether smartphone addiction is real.

Thursday, December 28th

For the Best Health Segment Award, Matthew Pase, fellow in the department of neurology at the Boston University School of Medicine, looked into whether diet drinks are more harmful than previously thought.

Friday, December 29th

For the Best Science Segment Award, Ryan Kelly, assistant professor in the school of marine and environmental sciences at the University of Washington, discussed why science papers need to embrace storytelling to get their point across.