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Dan Chambliss featured on The Best of Our Knowledge

As always, host Bob Barrett selects an Academic Minute to air during The Best of Our

Robert Kelchen, Seton Hall University – The Price of College

College admissions can be a formidable process. Robert Kelchen, a professor of higher education at Seton

William Parker, Duke University – Historical Stress

Are we more or less stressed than our ancestors? William Parker, association professor in the Department of

Jean M. Twenge, SDSU – Millennial Religiosity

Are Millennials losing their religion? Jean M. Twenge, San Diego State psychologist, is delving into the

This Week on The Academic Minute (2015.07.20)

Monday, July 20 Jean M. Twenge of San Diego State University explores the religiosity of the

The Academic Minute for 2015.7.13 – 7.17

Catch up with The Academic Minute from 7.13- 7.17 Monday, July 13 Scott McGraw – The

Martin Krieger, USC – Creativity, Innovation, and Entreprenuers

Who fosters the best entrepreneurs? Martin Krieger, professor of planning at the University of Southern California,

Lior Shamir, Lawrence Technological University – Artificial Creativity

Do you know The Beatles as well as a computer does? Lior Shamir, a professor of

Upmanu Lall, Columbia University – Futuristic Irrigation

We all need water! Upmanu Lall, professor of engineering at Columbia University, explores the future of

Jay Pasachoff, Williams College – New Horizons Fly-By of Pluto

We’re about to learn a lot about Pluto. Jay Pasachoff, astronomer at Williams College, details the