Best Psychology Segment – Art Markman, University of Texas – Coherence, Belief Change, and Convincing Other People

This is Best of Week on The Academic Minute: For the Best Psychology Segment Award: Art

Best Social Justice Segment – Shima Baradaran Baughman, University of Utah – The Police Myth

This is Best of Week on The Academic Minute: For the Best Social Justice Segment Award:

Commissioner’s Choice Award – Carolyn Henne, Florida State University – Art and Science Collaboration with Oysters

This is Best of Week on The Academic Minute: For the Commissioner’s Choice Award: Carolyn Henne,

Best Of Week on The Academic Minute (2021.12.27)

Best Of Week on The Academic Minute 2021.12.27   Monday, December 27th  For the Commissioner’s Choice

The Academic Minute for 2021.12.20-2021.12.24

  The Academic Minute from 12.20 – 12.24 Monday, December 20th Susan McKelvey – Virginia Commonwealth University Giving

Lisa Bitel, University of Southern California Dornsife – The Real St. Nick

Who was the real St. Nick? Lisa Bitel, professor of history and religion at the University

Mark West, University of North Carolina Charlotte – How Theodore Roosevelt’s Reading Contributed to His Support for Immigrants

Reading can lead us to change how we think and act. Mark West, professor of English

Nolan Fahrenkopf, University at Albany – The Security of Arms Transfers During the War on Terror

Transferring weapons can have deleterious effects. Nolan Fahrenkopf, research fellow at the Center for Policy Research

Neel Shah, Harvard Medical School – Prenatal Care Visits

Quantity doesn’t always mean quality when it comes to prenatal care. Neel Shah, assistant professor of

Susan McKelvey, Virginia Commonwealth University – Giving Students with Disabilities a Chance to Fulfill their Career Goals

How do we help students with disabilities fulfill their career goals? Susan McKelvey, research assistant professor