Joseph Comprix, Syracuse University – Are Male Analysts More Verbally Aggressive Than Female Analysts in Earnings Conference Calls

We all communicate differently, but how does this effect our work? Joseph Comprix, professor of accounting

Laura Doering, University of Toronto – Imposing Penalties Can Deter Rule Breakers – But The Timing Needs To Be Right

Doling out punishment may be a concern of when, not how much. Laura Doering, assistant professor

Robert Krueger, Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Overcoming the Hubris Problem in Engineering for Development Projects

Providing development projects in foreign countries does not always go as planned. Robert Krueger, professor of

TaLisa Carter, American University – Insider Status as a Researcher

Researchers with inside knowledge of their subject can face interesting challenges. TaLisa Carter, assistant professor in

Jay Zagorsky, Boston University – Fireworks

Ready to shoot off some fireworks today? Jay Zagorsky, economist at Boston University’s Questrom School of

This Week on The Academic Minute (2022.07.04)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2022.07.04   Monday, July 4th Jay Zagorsky, economist at Boston

The Academic Minute for 2022.06.27-2022.07.01

  The Academic Minute from 06.27 – 07.01 Monday, June 27th Trudi Jacobson – North-West University

Diana Ceballos, Boston University – Wikipedia in Public Health

On Wiki Education Week:Β  Getting information out there in the right way is critical in today’s

Matthew Vetter, Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Understanding Instructor Motivations for Adopting Wikipedia-Based Assignments

On Wiki Education Week:Β  What are the benefits of using Wikipedia in the classroom? Matthew Vetter,

Naniette Coleman, University of California Berkeley – Diversifying the Hands that Combat Misinformation One Wikipedia β€œedit” Button Click at a Time

On Wiki Education Week:Β  Everyone can work to combat misinformation. Naniette Coleman, PhD candidate in sociology