Jonathan Preston, Syracuse University – Speech Disorders in Children

Helping children with speech disorders starts with their tongue. Jonathan Preston, associate professor in the department

Darby Saxbe, University of Southern California Dornsife – Timely Breast Milk Consumption May Help Babies Tell Time

How does breast milk affect a baby’s sleep schedule? Darby Saxbe, associate professor of psychology at

Karen Bonuck, Albert Einstein College of Medicine – Children and Sleep

Kids may not like bedtime, but it’s important for their development. Karen Bonuck, professor in the

Carola Daffner, University of Dayton – Female Authors During the Holocaust

German Jewish women writers still have much to tell us about the Holocaust. Carola Daffner, associate

This Week on The Academic Minute (2020.05.04)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2019.05.04 Monday, May 4th Carola Daffner, associate professor of global

The Academic Minute for 2020.04.27-2020.05.01

The Academic Minute from 04.27 – 05.01 Monday, April 27th Jennifer Barkin – Mercer University Measuring

Adam Kiefer, Mercer University – Mercury Vapor

On Mercer University Week:  Exposure to mercury has long lasting effects. Adam Kiefer, professor of chemistry,

Sarah Gardner, Mercer University – Reading During The Civil War

On Mercer University Week:  In tough times, it can helpful to bury your nose in a

Melanie Pavich, Mercer University – Gentrification and African-American History

On Mercer University Week:  History is disappearing off the Georgia coast. Melanie Pavich, associate professor of

Nader Moniri, Mercer University – Combating Parkinson’s Disease

On Mercer University Week:  We might need to change how we combat Parkinson’s Disease. Nader Moniri,