The Academic Minute for 2019.10.21-10.25

The Academic Minute from 10.21 – 10.25 Monday, October 21st Kenn Tacchino – Widener University Re-Thinking

Shana Maier, Widener University – Perceptions of the #MeToo Movement

On Widener University Week: Rape victim advocates often work behind the scenes of the #MeToo movement.

Mary Francis, Widener University – Addressing Gun Violence through Victim Perspectives

On Widener University Week: Each victim of gun violence has a story to tell. Mary Francis,

Yufeng Mao, Widener University – A Muslim vision of the Chinese Nation

On Widener University Week: Muslims have had an active history in China’s nation-building. Yufeng Mao, associate

Luke Ayers, Widener University – What Drives Our Food Choices?

On Widener University Week: Is it harder to avoid the temptation of food when you’re hungry?

Kenn Tacchino, Widener University – Rethinking The 4% Retirement Rule

On Widener University Week: The 4% rule of retirement withdrawal might need a re-write. Kenn Tacchino,

Widener University Week on The Academic Minute (2019.10.21)

Widener University Week on The Academic Minute 2019.10.21 Monday, October 21st Kenn Tacchino discusses the 4%

The Academic Minute for 2019.10.14-10.18

The Academic Minute from 10.14 – 10.18 Monday, October 14th Megan Gerhardt – Miami University Managing

JJ Ruscella, Shenandoah University – Virtual Reality and Job Interviews

Virtual reality isn’t just for gaming. J.J. Ruscella, associate professor of theater at Shenandoah University, logs

Thomas Adam, University of Texas at Arlington – From Public Good to Personal Pursuit

A college education used to be free. Thomas Adam, professor of transnational history at the University