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Diana Ceballos, Boston University – Wikipedia in Public Health

On Wiki Education Week:  Getting information out there in the right way is critical in today’s

Dena Davis, Lehigh University – What Would Americans Want, If They Were Diagnosed With Dementia

The right form of care for those suffering dementia is critical. Dena Davis, professor in bioethics

Steven Walkley, Albert Einstein College of Medicine – Rare Disease: When The Diagnoses Is Not The Answer

How do we go beyond the diagnosis to help families cope? Today on The Academic Minute:

Christopher Bishop, Binghamton University – How Understanding the Serotonin System Can Help Those With Parkinson’s Disease

We’re still discovering how to treat Parkinson’s disease fully. Christopher Bishop, professor of psychology at Binghamton

Yuka Sasaki, Brown University – Sleep and Learning

How have you been sleeping? Yuka Sasaki, research professor in the department of cognitive, linguistic and

C. Michael White, University of Connecticut – What’s In Your Dietary Supplement?

What’s in your dietary supplement? C. Michael White, distinguished professor and chair of the school of

Davida Smyth, Texas A&M University San Antonio –What Municipal Wastewater Can Teach Us About COVID-19

We’re still learning new things about tracking viruses. Davida Smyth, associate professor of molecular microbiology at

Mia Bloom, Georgia State University – How Women are Doubly Victimized by Sexual Violence

Violence against women leaves more than physical scars. Mia Bloom, professor of communication and Middle East

Amal Alachkar, University of California Irvine – Why Parkinson’s Drug Improves, then Diminishes Quality of Life

Treating Parkinson’s disease is never an easy prospect. Amal Alachkar, associate professor of teaching pharmaceutical sciences

Erika Martin, University at Albany – Racial and Ethnic Disparities Persist in HIV Diagnoses

On University at Albany Week: Racial disparities persist in many health outcomes. Erika Martin, associate professor