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Amorette Barber, Longwood University – T-Cells

On Longwood University Week:  We need a cancer treatment that leaves behind adverse side effects. Amorette

Kevin Doyle, Longwood University – Substance Abuse Disorders

On Longwood University Week:  We should look to change how we view addiction. Kevin Doyle, associate

Susan Malone, New York University – Variety in Exercises

On New York University Week:  Should you change up your exercise routine? Susan Malone, assistant professor

Eugenia Olesnicky Killian, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – Using Fruit Flies to Understand the Genetics of Neurological Disorders

On University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Week: Can fruit flies help us understand more about human

Sean Flynn, Scripps College – Reducing Healthcare Costs

On Scripps College Week: How do we cut the cost of health care in the U.S.?

Christina Edholm, Scripps College – Traveling and Disease Outbreaks

On Scripps College Week:  Gaining more information on disease outbreaks will be crucial for the future.

Caryl E. Waggett, Allegheny College – Links Between Lead Poisoning and Food Insecurity

On Allegheny College Week:  There are links between lead poisoning and food insecurity. Caryl Waggett, associate

Janyl Jumadinova, Allegheny College – A Submersible Robot that Tests Water Quality

On Allegheny College Week:  Water testing is an important resource. Janyl Jumadinova, assistant professor in the

Gregg Henriques, James Madison University – A New Definition of Depression

A new theory on depression could help those suffering today. Gregg Henriques, professor of psychology at

Helena Blumen, Albert Einstein College of Medicine – Dancing and Dementia Prevention

Don’t want to exercise?  How about a dance instead? Helena Blumen, assistant professor in the department