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Kathleen Fortier, Arcadia University – University-based Pro-Bono Clinics Address Health Disparities in Their Communities

Pro-bono clinics can fill a desperate need. Kathleen Fortier, assistant professor of practice at Arcadia University,

Jonathan Watanabe, University of California, Irvine – COVID-19 Medications

COVID-19 has been a learning experience for everyone, including clinicians. Jonathan Watanabe, professor of clinical pharmacy

Michael Berg, Wheaton College in Massachusetts – Who Follows the COVID-19 Guidelines and Who Does Not

Why do some people follow guidelines while others ignore them? Michael Berg, professor of psychology at

Lior Rennert, Clemson University – Surveillance-Based Informative Testing for Mitigating COVID-19

Mitigating COVID-19 outbreaks on campuses is crucial. Lior Rennert, assistant professor and biostatistician at Clemson University,

Linda Dynan, Northern Kentucky University – Hospital Safety and Quality

On Northern Kentucky University Week:Β  Hospital safety and quality are a pressing concern. Linda Dynan, professor

Karla Abbott, Augustana University – Talking Circles

Talking circles can promote listening at a time when it is most needed. Karla Abbott, associate

Yoah Sui, University of Victoria – More Sitting is Bad, But Not All Sitting is the Same

If you’re sitting, you might want to stand up for this one. Yoah Sui, postdoctoral fellow

Amy Bidwell, SUNY Oswego – College Weight Gain

On SUNY Oswego Week:Β  Keeping off extra weight takes more than just gaining knowledge. Amy Bidwell,

Edward Cohen, San Jose State University – TeleSocialWork: A Case Study of Online Services

Many health services have gone virtual; but are they right for all? Edward Cohen, professor in

William D. Ramos, Indiana University Bloomington – Impending Impact of COVID-19 on Drowning Rates

As temperatures rise, water safety continues to be an important topic during COVID-19. William D. Ramos,