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Jamie Maguire, Tufts University – Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is understudied. Jamie Maguire, assistant professor of neuroscience at Tufts University School of Medicine,

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Is volunteering beneficial for everyone? Steven Pirutinsky, assistant professor in the graduate school of social work

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Academic research can provide a big benefit to our health. Fred Ledley, professor in the department

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Not every athlete with a brain injury has been diagnosed with a concussion. Nicholas Port, associate

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How do we protect athletes from concussions? Janice Stapley, associate professor of psychology at Monmouth University,

Franziska Landes, Columbia University – Lead in Soil

On this Student Spotlight: Kids love playing in the dirt, but can it be harmful? Franziska

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We need to purify water, but can we do it better? Carsten Prasse, assistant professor of

Bodil Just Christensen, University of Copenhagen – Eating as a Tool to Avoid Regaining Weight

Eating can be a tool to help keep weight off. Bodil Just Christensen, postdoctoral fellow at

Rachel Durso, Washington College – Using GIS to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

On Washington College Week: Helping domestic violence victims can be hard in isolated areas. Rachel Durso,

Bill Schindler, Washington College – Reinventing Food Systems by Incorporating our Dietary Past

On Washington College Week: Did we eat healthier millions of years ago? Bill Schindler, associate professor