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Beth DuFault, University at Albany – Improving the Patient Experience in the NICU

On University at Albany Week: We can improve parents’ experience in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Harriet Okatch, Franklin & Marshall College – Lead Poisoning

On Franklin & Marshall Week: Lead poisoning remains a scourge in certain areas. Harriet Okatch, assistant

Tonya Bergeson-Dana, Butler University – Infant Hearing Loss and Cognitive Skills

On Butler University Week: Hearing loss can affect more than just the ears. Tonya Bergeson-Dana, associate

JJ Ruscella, Shenandoah University – Virtual Reality and Job Interviews

Virtual reality isn’t just for gaming. J.J. Ruscella, associate professor of theater at Shenandoah University, logs

Camilla Nonterah, University of Richmond – Healthy Behavior Change

On University of Richmond Week: Attempting to switch to a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy. Camilla Nonterah,

Thomas Shahady, University of Lynchburg – Health of Water Supply

How do you know what’s living in your water supply? Thomas Shahady, professor of environmental science

Amit K. Tiwari, University of Toledo – Multi-Drug Resistance

On University of Toledo Week: Drug resistant cancer requires new technologies. Amit K. Tiwari, associate professor

Bina Joe, University of Toledo – Hypertension

On University of Toledo Week:  High blood pressure could wreak havoc on your gut. Bina Joe,

Jennifer Kinder, Notre Dame de Namur University – Telerehabilitation

What’s the best way to see a doctor if you can’t leave your house? Jennifer Kinder,

Jenny Wilkerson, University of Florida – CBD

Can CBD be used to treat pain in humans without getting them high? Jenny Wilkerson, research