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Jennifer Kinder, Notre Dame de Namur University – Telerehabilitation

What’s the best way to see a doctor if you can’t leave your house? Jennifer Kinder,

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Can CBD be used to treat pain in humans without getting them high? Jenny Wilkerson, research

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The ideals of manhood are changing. Scott Melzer, professor of sociology at Albion College, discusses four

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Do you make your own sunscreen? Julie Merten, associate professor of public health at the University

Helen Marlo, Notre Dame de Namur University – New Mothers and PTSD

An unexpected group can also experience the symptoms of PTSD. Helen Marlo, professor of clinical psychology

Mariana Sanchez, Florida International University – Latinos Found to Drink Less after Immigrating to U.S.

Does the health of Latino men get worse after they immigrate to the U.S.? Mariana Sanchez,

Brian Earp, Yale University – Pain and Gender

On This Student Spotlight: Does our sex determine how our pain is measured? Brian Earp, PhD

Rajesh Kana, University of Alabama at Birmingham – Autism Biomarkers

Diagnosing autism earlier could make life easier for children and their parents. Rajesh Kana, associate professor

Anna Amirkhanyan, American University – Food Insecurity

You don’t have look overseas for people who are going hungry. Anna Amirkhanyan, associate professor of

Garrett Broad, Fordham University – What Is Meat?

Another form of alternative meat might be on the horizon. Garrett Broad, assistant professor in the