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Leonard Jason, DePaul University – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is often dismissed as something just in your head. Leonard Jason, professor of

Juergen Hahn, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Using Big Data To Evaluate Autism Treatments

On Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Week:  We need a new way to diagnose autism. Juergen Hahn, professor

Julie Walsh-Messinger, University of Dayton – Understanding Schizophrenia Through Smell

On University of Dayton Week: The nose may help us understand more about schizophrenia. Julie Walsh-Messinger,

Scott Hall, University of Dayton – Emotional Well-Being of Patients

On University of Dayton Week:  Healthcare shouldn’t be limited to physical ailments. Scott Hall, professor of

Chad Painter, University of Dayton – Newspaper Coverage of Opioid Addiction

On University of Dayton Week: How newspapers report on an issue can have a big impact.

Stanley K. Sessions, Hartwick College – Heart Disease

On Hartwick College Week: Regenerating lost heart tissue would be a boon to our health. Stanley

Susan Masino, Trinity College – Ketogenic Diet

On Trinity College Week: Can your diet help you avoid epileptic seizures? Susan Masino, professor of

William Church, Trinity College – Cell Death and Parkinson’s Disease

On Trinity College Week: To help fight Parkinson’s disease, catch it earlier. William Church, associate professor

Kurt Amsler, New York Institute of Technology – Averting the Imminent Physician-Scientist Shortage

Medical innovations are on a downward trend. Kurt Amsler, professor of biomedical sciences at the New

Kyle Quinn, University of Arkansas – Chronic Skin Wounds

Wavelengths of light could help heal chronic wounds. Kyle Quinn, assistant professor in the department of