Best Of Week on The Academic Minute (2018.12.31)

Roanoke College Week on The Academic Minute 2018.12.31

Monday, December 31st

For the Best Communications Segment Award, Naja Ferjan Ramirez of the University of Washington discussed building bilingual brains.

Tuesday, January 1st

For the Best Health Segment, Bodil Just Christensen of the University of Copenhagen delved into eating as a tool to avoid regaining weight.

Wednesday, January 2nd

For the Best Psychology Segment Award, Krista Ingram of Colgate University examined the decision making of early birds and night owls.

Thursday, January 3rd

For the Best Science Segment Award, Sebastian Deffner of UMBC explored quantum supremacy.

Friday, January 4th

For the Best Political Science Segment Award, Jennifer LeMesurier of Colgate University determined how knitting is use to protest.