This Week on The Academic Minute (6.23-6.27)

This Week on the Academic Minute Monday, June 23 Dr. Jane Costello of Duke University details

Helena Laroche, University of Iowa – Healthier Concession Stands

When attending a sporting event, snacking on a hot dog or grabbing a soda at the

Nathaniel Dominy, Dartmouth College – Edible Environments

We’ve all got to eat. And, the location, preparation and consumption of food is a central

Richard Willson, University of Houston – Smartphone Medical Apps

You may have a highly advanced medical detection device in your pocket right now! Along with

Marsha Regenstein, George Washington University – The Health Care of Former Prisoners

The Affordable Care Act extends health care benefits to people in the community who have been

Avner Ben-Ner, University of Minnesota – Treadmill Desks

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Dr. Avner Ben-Ner stated that “a little bit of

Daniel Müllensiefen, Goldsmiths, University of London – Measuring Musicality

As with most art, musical ability and talent is difficult to measure. However, Dr. Daniel Müllensiefen,

1,000 “Likes” on Facebook!

We’ve reached the 1,000 “likes” plateau on Facebook! If you’re one of those 1,000, thank you

Matt Lapierre, UNC Wilmington – Marketing to Kids

There’s a wide array of kid’s products and videos claiming to be educational. Matt Lapierre, assistant

Keith Humphreys, Stanford University – Alternative Tobacco Products

Alternative tobacco products are on the rise. Keith Humphreys, professor of psychiatry at Stanford University,  discusses