Georgia Panagiotaki, University of East Anglia – How Culture Shapes Understanding

Many factors influence how a child understands and interprets the human body and its related physical

Susan Kalisz, University of Pittsburgh – Recipe for Invasive Plant Species

Species interaction dictates a great deal of a location’s biodiversity. Susan Kalisz, professor of biology at

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E-Cigarettes are rapidly gaining popularity. Lauren Dutra, post-doctoral scholar at the University of California, San Francisco’s

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Direct trauma clearly has negative effects on the brain. Dr. Raj Morey, associate professor of psychiatry

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As hip hop culture expands, schools are expanding with it. Dr. Muhammad Khalifa, assistant professor of

Peter Turchin, UConn – Cliodynamic Models of History

Can math be used to better understand history? Peter Turchin, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology

Phillip Sponenberg, Virginia Tech – Fainting Goats

The Latin name myotonia congenitamight not mean much to you, but you’ve likely seen them in action.

Yehuda Ben-Shahar, Washington University in St. Louis – RNA Messengers

RNA seems like the unsung little brother of DNA and protein. But Yehuda Ben-Shahar, assistant professor

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“Big Data” is being mined to glean all sorts of information. Bruce Peabody, professor of political

Elizabeth Borer, University of Minnesota – Grassland Fertilization and the Nutrient Network

It’s no secret that the presence of humans has a great effect on the environment. Elizabeth