Kentaro Toyama, University of Michigan – Equality of Technology

Technology is a good thing for everyone, right? Kentaro Toyama, professor of community information at University

5 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

  It’s The Academic Minute’s 5 year anniversary today! To celebrate, we’re giving away an incredible

Michael Howell, University of Minnesota – Athletic Slumber

Sleep training might offer some interesting health benefits. Michael Howell, neurologist at University of Minnesota, discusses

This Week on The Academic Minute (2015.7.6)

  Monday, July 6 Michael Howell of the University of Minnesota explains the importance of sleep

The Academic Minute for 2015.6.29 – 7.3

Catch up with The Academic Minute from 6.29- 7.3 Monday, June 29 Emily O’Brien – Duke

Ted Steinberg, Case Western Reserve University – Over-development

Can a city become so developed, it’s grown becomes a hindrance? Ted Steinberg, history professor at

Tiziana Casciaro featured on The Best of Our Knowledge

As always, host Bob Barrett selects an Academic Minute to air during The Best of Our

Keith Clay, Indiana University – Tick Risks

Don’t get scared, but the threat of ticks is growing! Keith Clay, biologist at Indiana University,

Hal Haggard, Bard College – Black Hole Life Cycles

How does a black hole die? Today on The Academic Minute, Hal Haggard, physicist at Bard

Josh Packard, University of Northern Colorado – Religious “Dones”

More and more people appear to be leaving their religious communities. Josh Packard, sociologist at the