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Ryan Meldrum, Florida International University – Digital Self-Harm

Bullies aren’t the only people causing harm online. Ryan Meldrum, associate professor in the department of

Jeannette Sutton, University at Albany – Public Guide to COVID-19 Retweets

On University at Albany Week: Β Effective messaging is key in total’s digital world. Jeannette Sutton, associate

Heather Houser, University of Texas at Austin – Infowhelm

Listening to the news can be overwhelming at times. Heather Houser, associate professor of English at

Elizabeth Daniels, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – Do Media and Body Image Create an Early Exit for Middle School Girls?

On University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Week:Β  Does body image create an early exit for middle

Tyler Carrington, Cornell College – Historical Personal Ads and Modern Dating

On Cornell College Week: The history of love is understudied. Tyler Carrington, assistant professor of German

Corey Johnson, University of Waterloo – Geo-Social Dating Apps

Dating practices are being changed again by Geo-social networking applications. Corey Johnson, professor in the department

Lee Farquhar, Butler University – Tolerance on Facebook

On Butler University Week: How diverse is your Facebook feed? Lee Farquhar, associate professor of entertainment

Lee Farquhar, Butler University – Happiness, Life Satisfaction, and Comparing Oneself to Others on Facebook

Social media matters in our happiness, whether we like it or not. Lee Farquhar, associate professor

Parisa Saboori, Manhattan College – Traumatic Brain Injuries

There is much to learn about traumatic brain injuries. Parisa Saboori, associate professor of mechanical engineering

Celia Williamson, University of Toledo – Social Media and Sex Trafficking

On University of Toledo Week: How do you keep teens safe against predators online? Celia Williamson,