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Robert Rosenberger, Georgia Tech University – Phantom Vibration Syndrome

How many phantom texts have you gotten today? Robert Rosenberger, assistant professor of philosophy at Georgia

Marshall Jones, Winthrop University – The Digital Divide

Programs that bring computers into the classroom are helping to eliminate the digital divide. Marshall Jones,

Susan Snyder, Georgia State University – Problematic Internet Usage Among College Students

The internet makes college easier; but can it be too much of a good thing? Susan

Anna Sosa, Northern Arizona University – Traditional vs Electronic Toys

Should infants be learning language from electronic toys? Anna Sosa, professor of communication sciences and disorders

Timothy Amukele, Johns Hopkins University – Drones Improving Medical Access

How do you get medical samples from one place to another in places without roads? Timothy

Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon, University of Pennsylvania – Slacktivism

Are you a slacktivist? Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon, assistant professor of communication at the University of Pennsylvania, explores

Pierre McDonagh, University of Bath – Electric Cars

The electric car has yet to hit the mainstream. Pierre McDonagh, professor of marketing at the

Peter Polos, Seton Hall University – Teen Smartphone Use At Night

Do you check Twitter in bed when you should be sleeping? Peter Polos, Clinical Associate Professor

John Christian, West Virginia University – Space Optical Navigation

How do you get home from deep space if your communication systems fail? John Christian, assistant

Justin Dressel, Chapman University – Grainy Digital Photographs

Why are your digital pictures so grainy? Justin Dressel, Assistant Professor of Physics at Chapman University,