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Matt Taylor, Washington State University – Knowledge Transfer

Computers are very useful in the classroom, but in the near future, they might be conducting

Richard Willson, University of Houston – Smartphone Medical Apps

You may have a highly advanced medical detection device in your pocket right now! Along with

Megan Papesh, Louisiana State University – Flaws of Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology is still in its infancy. Dr. Megan Papesh, assistant professor of psychology at

Robin Read, Plymouth University – Robotic Communication

In the world of science fiction, humans and robots converse freely. Robin Read, research fellow at

Radu Sporea, University of Surrey – Sci-Fi Technology

The amazing technology we see in science-fiction is fast becoming reality. Radu Sporea, academic research fellow

Ajay Nahata, University of Utah – High Speed Data Transfer

A University of Utah scientist is making engineering breakthroughs in the field ofplasmonics using ink-jet printers. Dr.