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Michael Jenkins, University of Scranton – Fighting Crime with Data

We’re living in the era of “Big Data” and it’s vital to adapt with the changing

Neal Hall, UT Austin – Fly Inspired Hearing

The way flies perceive sound is helping engineers improve on microphone technology. Dr. Neal Hall, an

Feilin Hsiao, The University of Pacific – Cochlear Implants and Music

Advances in technology are allowing some people to hear and even create music for the first

Ching-Hua Chuan, University of North Florida – Composing with Computers

If you’ve seen the Academy Award winning film Amadeus, you’ll recall the laborious depictions of Mozart

Radu Sporea, University of Surrey – Engineering Complexity

That smart-phone in your pocket is one amazing device. Dr. Radu Sporea, The Academic Minute‘s resident

Nello Cristianini, Univeristy of Bristol – The Big-Data Revolution

You’ve likely heard the term “Big Data” being thrown around recently. Dr. Nello Cristianini, professor of

Oleg Kolosov, University of Lancaster – New Medical Imaging Technique

Dr. Oleg Kolosov, a physicist at Lancaster University, is developing new nano-science techniques hoping to advance

Arnout van de Rijt – Stony Brook University – Success Breeds Success

“The researchers from Stony Brook University conducted a few unusual experiments that showed that people who

Radu Sporea – University of Surrey – Solar Efficiency

Harnessing the full potential of solar power might indeed solve the world’s ongoing energy crisis. Of

Carlos Varela, RPI – Improved Auto-Pilot Technology

“We have computers that can beat the best human Jeopardy! players, and yet we rely on