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Dave Strayer, University of Utah – Driver Distraction

Keep your eyes on the road! David Strayer, professor of psychology at the University of Utah,

Richard Pak, Clemson – Technological Trust

Can you put too much trust in technology? Richard Pak, a psychologist at Clemson University, is

James Coyle, Miami University – Advertising in the Social Media Age

Sharing drives social media.   Today on the Academic Minute, James Coyle, a associate professor of marketing

Mega Subramaniam, UMaryland – HackHealth

Digital literacy is vitally important in today’s world of technology. Mega Subramaniam, a professor at the

Valerio Scarani, National University of Singapore – Quantum Randomness

Quantum physics deals with some fascinatingly abstract concepts. Valerio Scarani, Professor in the Department of Physics and

Michael Spring, PITT – Standardization

You might not realize the exceptionally vital role standardization plays in our daily lives. Michael Spring,

Gillian Ryan, Kettering University – Electric Blanket Tech

Engineering innovations are going to keep babies warm – thus saving their young lives. Dr. Gillian

Neel Smith, Holy Cross – Digital Research

Everything is going digital! Neel Smith, professor of classics at College of the Holy Cross, discusses

Diane Peters, Kettering University – Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are almost a reality. Diane Peters, a mechanical engineer at Kettering University, is working

Lior Shamir, Lawrence Technological University – Artificial Creativity

Do you know The Beatles as well as a computer does? Lior Shamir, a professor of