Nanoscience Archive

Miriam Rafailovich, Stony Brook University – Nanotechnology: An Example of Science with Social Responsibility

On SUNY Distinguished Academy Week:Β  Nanoparticles in your favorite items could be doing you harm. Miriam

Steven Hughes, Roanoke College – Improving LED Technology

On Roanoke College Week: LED bulbs reduce energy consumption; but can they get better? Steven Hughes,

Andrew Ellington, University of Texas at Austin – Fighting Cancer with Nanomachines

To beat cancer, we may want to start thinking small. Andrew Ellington, professor in the department

Deji Akinwande, UT Austin – Silicene Transistors and Moore’s Law

Computers are getting smaller faster. Deji Akinwande, an engineer at UT Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering,

Catherine Murphy, UIUC – Gold Nanotechnology

Atomic element #79 is the precious metal more commonly known as gold. Catherine Murphy, a chemist

David Cox, University of Surrey – The World’s Smallest Snowman

Do you want to build the world smallest snowman? David Cox, a fellow at the University

Oleg Kolosov, University of Lancaster – New Medical Imaging Technique

Dr. Oleg Kolosov, a physicist at Lancaster University, is developing new nano-science techniques hoping to advance