Computer Science Archive

Nicholas Caporusso, Northern Kentucky University – Creating Compelling Visual Representation of Literature

On Northern Kentucky University Week: Have you seen the A.I. generated art floating around the internet?

Sumantra Sarkar, Binghamton University – Employees and Internet Security Policies

Digital security will only get more important in the future. Sumantra Sarkar, associate professor of management

Jeffrey Stone, Penn State University – Sustainability in Introductory Computing Courses

On Penn State University Week: Β Sustainability in the future will be more important than ever. Jeffrey

Aixa Marchand, Rhodes College – Parents and Virtual Learning During COVID-19

On Rhodes College Week:Β  Parents have been substituting as teachers during the pandemic. Aixa Marchand, assistant

Alex Frano, University of California San Diego – Neuromorphic Computers

Computers use a big chunk of the world’s energy. Alex Frano, assistant professor of physics at

Erik Born, Cornell University – WiFi Signal Icon

On Cornell University Week: The wireless icon is ubiquitous in today’s world. Today on The Academic

Nishtha Langer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Women in IT More Likely to Be Promoted Than Men

On Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Week: Women in IT jobs face many challenges. Nishtha Langer, assistant professor

Robert Seamans, New York University – The Impact of A.I. on the Human Workforce

On New York University Week:Β  Will future artificial intelligence help or harm the human workforce? Robert

Jena McCollum, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – 3D Printing From Concrete to Rockets

On University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Week: 3D printing still faces many hurdles. Jena McCollum, assistant

Hala ElAarag, Stetson University – Transmission Control Protocols

Our most common internet transfer protocols could use an update. Hala ElAarag, professor of computer science