Computer Science Archive

Peter Fox, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Data Set Analysis

On Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Week: Are the secrets to solving our problems hiding in plain sight?

Siwei Lyu, University at Albany – Detecting DeepFake Videos

On University at Albany Week: To help detect a DeepFake video, looks at the eyes. Siwei

Tolga Soyata, University at Albany – Improving Brain-Computer Interfaces

On University at Albany Week: Communication is always key. Tolga Soyata, associate professor in the department

Kiran Balagani, New York Institute of Technology – Biometrics and Mobile Device Security

On New York Institute of Technology Week: Increased security for smartphones is hard to come by

Scott Shackelford, Indiana University – Guarding Against the Possible Security Vulnerabilities in our Devices

How do we protect supply chains with many hands in the pie? Scott Shackelford, assistant professor

Sebastian Deffner, University of Maryland Baltimore County – Quantum Supremacy

  A new, more secure computer is on the way to protect our most sensitive data.

Barry Fagin, United States Air Force Academy – Internet Security

Our current computer programming languages leave a lot to be desired security-wise. Barry Fagin, professor of

Kevin LaGrandeur, New York Institute of Technology – A.I. Taking Jobs

The robots are coming for our jobs. Kevin LaGrandeur, professor in the department of English at

Megan Squire, Elon University – Password Security

Your password might not be as secure as you think. Megan Squire, professor of computing sciences

Marshall Jones, Winthrop University – The Digital Divide

Programs that bring computers into the classroom are helping to eliminate the digital divide. Marshall Jones,