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Kyle Fruh, Duke Kunshan University – Fair-Weather Fan

The fair-weather fan gets a lot of contempt from the die-hards. Kyle Fruh, assistant professor of

Russell Goodman, Central College – Perfect Football Recruit

Football recruiting will never be the same, but what makes a good recruit won’t change. Russell

John Drea, Illinois College – Sports Tickets

When fans are let back into stadiums, which teams will sell the most tickets? John Drea,

Traver Wright, Texas A&M University – Traumatic Brain Injuries

On Texas A&M Center for Sports Management Research & Education Week: We are still learning a

Marlene A. Dixon, Texas A&M University – Effects of Sports Programming on Girls in Underserved Communities

On Texas A&M Center for Sports Management Research & Education Week:Β  Sports programs can have a

Chris Lamb, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis – Rachel Robinson

Most people know Jackie Robinson, but what about Rachel Robinson? Chris Lamb, professor of journalism at

Hallie Zwibel, New York Institute of Technology – eSports Health Care

On New York Institute of Technology Week: eSports athletes also need medical care. Hallie Zwibel, assistant

Rocco Porreca, Newbury College – Future of Football

The NFL’s profits may be booming, but a reduction in youth players is also looming. Rocco

Sister Marcella Wallowicz, Holy Family University – Sabermetrics in the Classroom

The statistics revolution may not just be for baseball. Sister Marcella Wallowicz, associate professor of mathematics

Russ Crawford, Ohio Northern University – Female Participation in Football Leagues

We’ve always heard that football as a masculine sport. Russ Crawford, professor of history at Ohio