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Joanna Huxster, Bucknell University – Partisan News’ Impact on Climate Change Perception

Is the partisan divide on climate change due to some portions of the media? Joanna Huxster,

Adam Klein, Pace University – Hate Groups Go Online

Hate groups have taken their messages online. Adam Klein, assistant professor of communication studies in the

Jason Boardman, University of Colorado Boulder – Nature or Nurture

Is it nature or nurture? Or is it both? Jason Boardman, professor of sociology at the

Lisa Wade, Occidental College – Mass Murder as a Form of Protest

Mass shootings continue to plague the country. Lisa Wade, associate professor of sociology at Occidental College,

Amy Adamczyk, John Jay College of Criminal Justice – Public Opinions on Homosexuality

There are differing views on homosexuality across the globe.  But why? Amy Adamczyk, professor of sociology

Jennifer Van Hook, Penn State University – Diversity in Rural America

Is racial diversity confined to big cities? Jennifer Van Hook, professor of sociology and demography at

Leigh Schmidt, Washington University in St. Louis – Distrust in Non-Believers in America

Non-believers are a minority not often talked about in today’s America. Leigh Schmidt, university professor in

Christopher Salas-Wright, University of Texas at Austin – Immigrant Mischaraterization

Are immigrants wrongly portrayed as being criminals in the public sphere? Christopher Salas-Wright, assistant professor in

Lori Martin, Louisiana State University – Alton Sterling and Black Lives Matter

Social justice concerns have been ever present in the news. Lori Martin, associate professor in the

Rafael Narvaez, Winona State University – Souls

You’ve got body and soul. Or do you? Rafael Narvaez, associate professor of sociology at Winona