Sociology Archive

Tom Mould, Butler University – Welfare and the American Dream

On Butler University Week: Stories can have a big impact on all areas of life. Tom

Scott Melzer, Albion College – Manhood

The ideals of manhood are changing. Scott Melzer, professor of sociology at Albion College, discusses four

Ross Haenfler, Grinnell College – Incels

On Grinnell College Week:  Not everyone is for inclusivity. Ross Haenfler, professor of sociology, looks at

John Van de Lindt, Colorado State University – Community Resilience

Are some communities more resilient after disasters? John van de Lindt, professor of infrastructure at Colorado

Doug Challenger, Franklin Pierce University – The Disenchantment of the World

Is the world becoming more disenchanted? Doug Challenger, professor of sociology at Franklin Pierce University, looks

Liz Raleigh, Carleton College – Transracial Adoption

On Carleton College Week: Demand for adoptable children is on the rise. Elizabeth Raleigh, assistant professor

Dominik Guss, University of North Florida – Patience Across Cultures

The meaning of patience is not consistent across cultures. C. Dominik Guss, professor of psychology at

Natalie Sarrazin, SUNY Brockport – Do Indians Care About Western Music?

Western music has an interesting position in Indian society. Natalie Sarrazin, associate professor of ethnomusicology and

Beverly Thompson, Siena College – Women Covered in Ink

Women now get the more tattoos than men in the U.S. Beverly Thompson, associate professor of

Brett Hendrickson, Lafayette College – Latinos and the U.S. Catholic Church

The Catholic Church will soon have a Latino majority congregation. Brett Hendrickson, associate professor of religious