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Lisa Jean Moore, Purchase College – Spider Goats

On SUNY Distinguished Professor Week:Β  Goats and spiders can help make things lighter. Lisa Jean Moore,

Angela Murolo, St. Francis College – Re-entering Society: Elderly Support Post-Release and Successful Community-Based Aging

Helping people re-enter society after a prison stay can be tricky. Angela Murolo, assistant professor of

Barbara Combs, Kennesaw State University – Anti-Black Racism is Not Better than It Used to Be. It Just Takes Different Forms.

The definition of β€œplace” can be a complex question when it comes to the history of

Kerry Whigham, Binghamton University – How Can Genocide Be Prevented?

Genocides don’t begin overnight, so how can we stop them before they get started? Kerry Whigham,

Lallen Johnson, American University – Racial Inequality, Age, and COVID-19 Mortality

Certain groups bear more of the brunt from disaster and epidemics. Lallen Johnson, associate professor in

Scott Landes, Syracuse University – The COVID-19 Burden Has Been Greater Among People With Intellectual and Developmental Disability

The COVID-19 pandemic has not affected everyone equally. Scott Landes, associate professor of sociology at Syracuse

Karen Cerulo, Rutgers University – Dreaming of Future Possibilities

Everyone has a dream. Karen Cerulo, full professor of sociology at Rutgers University, explains how striving

Linda Sauer Bredvik, Heidelberg University – Interacting at the Intersection of Life and Religion

How do we discuss topics such as life and religion? Linda Sauer Bredvik, lecturer in sociolinguistics

Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, UMass Amherst – Can We Become an Equal Opportunity Society?

Can we become an equal opportunity society? Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, professor of sociology at the University of

Brittany Morey, University of California, Irvine– The Central Role of Social Support in the Health of Chinese and Korean American Immigrants

On University of California, Irvine Week: Immigrants can thrive with a strong support network. Brittany Morey,