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Ellen Meiser, University of Hawaii at Hilo – Enduring the Heat of the Kitchen

It gets hot in the kitchen for many reasons. Ellen Meiser, assistant professor of sociology at

Lisa Jean Moore, Purchase College – Spider Goats

On SUNY Distinguished Professor Week:Β  Goats and spiders can help make things lighter. Lisa Jean Moore,

Angela Murolo, St. Francis College – Re-entering Society: Elderly Support Post-Release and Successful Community-Based Aging

Helping people re-enter society after a prison stay can be tricky. Angela Murolo, assistant professor of

Barbara Combs, Kennesaw State University – Anti-Black Racism is Not Better than It Used to Be. It Just Takes Different Forms.

The definition of β€œplace” can be a complex question when it comes to the history of

Kerry Whigham, Binghamton University – How Can Genocide Be Prevented?

Genocides don’t begin overnight, so how can we stop them before they get started? Kerry Whigham,

Lallen Johnson, American University – Racial Inequality, Age, and COVID-19 Mortality

Certain groups bear more of the brunt from disaster and epidemics. Lallen Johnson, associate professor in

Scott Landes, Syracuse University – The COVID-19 Burden Has Been Greater Among People With Intellectual and Developmental Disability

The COVID-19 pandemic has not affected everyone equally. Scott Landes, associate professor of sociology at Syracuse

Karen Cerulo, Rutgers University – Dreaming of Future Possibilities

Everyone has a dream. Karen Cerulo, full professor of sociology at Rutgers University, explains how striving

Linda Sauer Bredvik, Heidelberg University – Interacting at the Intersection of Life and Religion

How do we discuss topics such as life and religion? Linda Sauer Bredvik, lecturer in sociolinguistics

Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, UMass Amherst – Can We Become an Equal Opportunity Society?

Can we become an equal opportunity society? Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, professor of sociology at the University of